How Encryption Can Enhance Your Google Ranking

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SEO, which stands for Search Optimization Engine, is the most powerful tool you can use if you want to build your brand online. This is a marketing tool that will surely help your website gain free traffic if you don’t want to spend on promotions and ranking services.

A lot of people, especially those who are just beginning to build their websites, think that SEO is a paid service.

What they don’t know is that they can use this tool for free as long as they have enough knowledge to run it.

 If you have a basic background of what SEO is, you know what I’m trying to say. And of all the methods and strategies to improve your SEO ranking, did you know that Encryption is one effective way to level up your website rank?


Encryption and SEO come together. Encryption is a type of security that keeps every information on your website safe. It is a way to alter the information in order to conceal it and make it appear like random information.

Encryption is your shield from cyber criminals who can access billions of data in just a click. These criminals can sell your data without knowledge.

If you have this kind of protection, your website is safe and secure from hackers.


So, how can you improve your rankings through encryption?

By encrypting the data that your website receives and send, you are telling Google that anyone is safe to enter your site.

Google and other search engines will keep your website at the bottom if they know that you are using unsafe websites that can impose risks on your viewers.


 Try to observe the first page of Google when you try to search for keywords. The first few results are content from safe websites with encryptions and valid SSL.

Next, users will likely skip going through your website if they know that it is unprotected.

Without encryption, your website will look like a suspicious site that’s ready to hack their personal information anytime.

If I am a reader or a potential customer, I’d rather choose to go to a website with safety measures. We can conclude that encryption, therefore, increases your SEO ranking by telling your readers that your website is guarded.

The benefits of encryption in SEO include enhancing your ranking so you should never leave this concept behind if you want to be successful in the online industry.


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