Google January 2020 Core Update

Core 2020
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Usually, Google keeps rolling out the algorithmic updates every several months or so.

This Google Core Update 2020 doesn’t lack in its substantiality and is based on some of the early signals.

And compared to the previous one, this year’s core update is also much bigger thanks to its early signals and chatter it caused in the SEO industry.

did a great SEO Analysis of Google Core Update 2020.


What To Do If Your Site Gets Hit By Core Update?

Your head must have already been filled with questions such as what exactly this whole update entails as well as how it is going to affect your site.

But do not worry! By following the tips below whilst checking nature and quality of your website content, you will be able to effectively manage your website and its ranking and stand within the Google’s Ranking System.


quality content

Without further ado, here are some important details you need to pay attention to:

Whilst objectively evaluating your content, make sure that it:

1.Provides original information, research, analysis or reporting while being comprehensive and substantial in its description.

2.Your content provides insightful and extensive analysis which is beyond obvious.

3. If your content is being drawn from other sources, it avoids rewriting or copying those sources but instead keeps providing readers with its originality, novelty as well as substantial value.

title page

4.The page title or the headline provides a helpful and descriptive content summary.

5. The page title or the headline isn’t perceived as shocking or exaggerating in its wording.

6.The page is worth bookmarking, being recommended or share-worthy with friends.

7.You’d expect seeing the content in the book, encyclopedia or printed magazine.

Final Thoughts

Every time Google updates its own search ranking algorithms, it automatically means that your site will surely undergo some important changes; doing much better or worse in the realm of search results.

Having access to the crucially important information regarding Core update 2020 or Core updates, in general, will help you in better understanding the place of your website in the system of Google’s Ranking Algorithm to aid you in releasing the great content whilst effectively managing your own website.

So make sure to always pay close attention and keep focusing on your rankings and analytics to ensure staying on top of things.


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