E-Commerce SEO- What You Need to Know?

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Do You have a E-Commerce site and it sucks at SEO? You need to stop worrying about it now and concentrate on these tips and tricks to make it a great SEO site.

Mostly E-commerce sites have products and categories. You should do SEO for both of them. Lets dig a more deeper in it.


Products SEO:

(A) Content:

Normally E-commerce sites lack in content at the product level. They either dont have any content or they would copy the content from somewhere else and paste it as it is.

So You need to make sure, you give a good 200-300 words original description of the product for all the products.

And it’s not easy, you have to make sure you have different and unique description in similar categories. With E-commerce sites, having 10k products, it can be really tricky but that’s the way it is. It can give you a long term return on your investment.

(B) Title Tags:

Product title tags are key component of developing an outstanding E-commerce site in terms of SEO.

You need to tweak your title to have your focused keywords in it. The title tag should not be too short or too long.

(C) Meta Description and Meta Keywords Tags:

Normally there’s not much space for an E-commerce site to have a great length of content. So when it comes to Meta description and Keywords tags, these are one of the most important factor in SEO for E-commerce store.

You should have a good meta description for each product along with meta keywords.

(D) Optimizing Images:

There are two major things about images when it comes to optimizing them. First, all the images should have right ALT Tag. Second, the images should be compressed so that they can load faster.

Category SEO:

The major difference between product SEO and Category SEO is, You are targeting a lots of product when you are doing SEO for a particular category. And it makes it really hard to cover them all.

You need to cover all the steps for category pages like title tag, meta description and meta keywords tags and having unique content on the category pages.

Site Structure:

Most of the E-commerce sites suffer from poor site structure. Either they are pleasing the audience or they are pleasing Search Engines. to take your E-commerce site to next level, You should focus on both.

You can use lucischart.com to create a flowchart to make things look easier for you.

Make sure it takes as low as possible clicks from your home page to reach any product or category.

Site Speed:

You can have a wide range of products on your site but if it takes a life time to load. No body would come back to the site.

You must compare your site with your competitors to make sure you are beating them when it comes to site speed. Its an important SEO factor and obviously it attracts your audience back to your site.

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