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Doing it all yourself could be the main reason your rankings are not moving fast enough!

I know It looks like a pretty smart and budget-friendly move to just hire yourself for all your SEO needs.

But it really isn’t.

You see most people realize they can do-it-all by reading a blog ‘How to learn SEO in 10 easy steps’.

They might be right too.

I mean what’s there to SEO that’s so complex?

“SEO sounds like easy stuff.”


“I was practically the Shakespeare of my 8th-grade class; I can crank out killer content in my sleep.”

On-page optimizations?

“Please, I know python and coding! I could do on-page SEO with my eyes closed.”


“pfft! Piece of cake. There are Billions of websites. It’s just about getting your name out there and even a toddler with a fake laptop can convince a few bloggers a month for some backlinks.”

Now don’t get the wrong idea.

I may sound like I’m a DIY SEO Hater but I am really not!

In Fact..I’ve seen folks who manage to tick all the boxes, all by themself.

They put great content on their website.

Their backlinks might be some of the purest, and some of the most beautiful and clean things ever.

And their website is a masterpiece of creativity, a real thing of art.

But the problem is…


But even know what’s the bigger problem with the DIY guys?

They are okay with being on the eleventh-teen page of Google.

So if you are cool with it too, that’s fine.

But if you are not fond of having to turn on “Google Continuous Scroll” just to find their website…
Hear me out about a thing called “SEO velocity” So… Sure you most definitely can publish a super researched, epic blog of 2000-words weekly.

But what if your competitors are dropping equally epic content four times a day?

You do the math!

And same goes for backlinks..

Four backlinks a month might not help to rank you. You might need more.

And not just any backlinks. We’re talking the whole shebang:
1. Guest posts
2. EDU sites
3. Social signals
4. Web 2.0 links
5. PR magic
6. Social media shout outs – think Twitter, Pinterest, and beyond
7. Forum profiles, article submissions… you name it
So tell me honestly.. Is it possible for anyone to juggle being the owner, sales guy, head of fulfillment, branding and 10 other roles, while also being on top of their SEO?

Probably not.

So, if you’ve hit a DIY wall, It’s okay to call in reinforcements.

Here’s something that’s designed just for you

The Flying Dragon Link Pyramid
Use Coupon: EASTER

If you are tired of DIY testing and guessing games to find what really works and what sounds good only in theories, all while your website sits on page 9 for most keywords.

Then this package could just be the thing to take that weight off your shoulders and give your website the boost it deserves

Grab our top package at a whopping 55% off!

Here’s what’s in store:
● 20 EDU links (AVG. DA 70)
● 20 Web 2.0 submissions
● 2x Facebook Shares
● 2 X Tweets
● 2 x LinkedIn Shares
● 2 x Pinterest Pins/Repins
● 2 x Delicious Shares
● 2 x Flickr Image Shares
● 2 x Stumble Upon Shares
● 2 x Myspace Shares
● 2 x Vimeo Shares
● 2 x Vk Shares
● 2 x Livejournal Shares
● 2 x Jimdo Shares
● 2 x Issue Shares
● 2 x Newsvine Shares

Whether you’re a small startup itching to make your mark or an established brand aiming to crush the competition, The Flying Dragon adapts to fit your unique needs. No one-size-fits-all strategies here.

Turn Up the Velocity on Your SEO
Ditch the DIY Headache & Take off with us!
Use Coupon: EASTER

Thank me later!
Aka Sam

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