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A good EDU backlink from a website of good DA, DR, TF is every SEO’s wet dream.

But hunting down EDU backlinks with good DA, DR, TF is an equally worst nightmare.

Well, hold on… Because I’ve got some news that’s going to blow your mind. We’re talking about a game-changer here.

Ready for this? We’re slashing the prices on EDU backlinks.

And we’re not talking about a tiny bit.
We’re talking literally HALF PRICE, people!

Yeah! You heard that right.

If getting mentioned on The Most Popular University & EDU Sites was your SEO pipe dream.

Not anymore!

EDU backlinks were never this easy (and cheap).

But you are in luck…

Here’s what you get to treat your website at 50% Off (that’s not a typo):

  • Not one, not two, but nine EDU blog posts.
  • Nine unique, attention-grabbing articles, each stretching to 500 words of pure gold.
  • Average DA? 70+.
  • Average DR? 70+.
  • Average TF? 60+

And hey, from someone who’s been neck-deep in SEO for over a decade and a half, I can tell you there’s nothing—absolutely nothing—that beats an EDU backlink.

Google loves them, and so will your site’s credibility.

Ask any Rand Rishkin, Neil Patel and Brian Deans of SEO world, – they all agree…One EDU backlink can be worth more than dozens of links from lesser-known sites.

And when you get EDU links from websites with stats like Domain Rating of 70…Domain Authority of 70+…Truth Flow of 60+, they start to worth their weight in bitcoins for any desperate SEO looking to counter recent Google algorithm shocks.

I’m In! Take Me to the Deal!
Use coupon: EASTER

But hey, if you’re still on the fence with this offer, here’s a little something that might just get you jumping off with both feet.

We’re not stopping with just slashing prices on our top-tier package.

Oh no!

For those of you looking to dip your toes in the water or just wanting to start small, we’ve got something special for you too.

We’re rolling out a whopping 40% off on our lower packages.

That’s right.

Imagine that—giving your site’s SEO a boost and stepping up your game in the eyes of Google without having to break the bank.

One Backlink at a Time!
Let’s Start Making Those SEO Dreams Come True.
Jump on This Deal While it Lasts!
So, What’s Holding You Back?
Use coupon: EASTER

Thank me later!
Aka Sam

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