Get to Know Google’s Before: And After: Search Operators

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Search operators or operators, in general, are great time-saving options compared to writing the whole prose-styled search query. They are direct & when used precisely, they always yield results. The keywords for these beginner & advanced search operators are short & related to the search query. 

So we will look into what are these search operators & what is the work of google before: & after: search operators. We will start with knowing about operators

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  What are Operators?

Operators are special symbols or constructs which we build to perform specific functions. They may not perform these functions themselves & give commands to perform those functions.

What are Search Operators?

In the same way, search operators any combination of symbols, or characters programmed to perform a search process on queries. Here we are talking about the queries posted on search engines like Google. 

search operators
Search operators

Google has advanced search operators. There are search operators like site: which provide the result to the site mentioned (For example- = will direct us to the website The operator like ‘weather:’ gives us the result about the weather of a specified place (For example- weather:Seattle = will direct us to the google search result page of the weather of Seattle, Washington). 

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Google Search Operators- Before: & After:

  • Google search operators before: & after: conduct time-based query search operations. Such as, before: provides the result of a period or date preceding the one mentioned in the query, & after: provides the result succeeding the date mentioned in the query.

For example- the President of the USA before: 2017 = will yield results of all the presidents served before 2017

&, the President of the USA after: 2017 = will yield results of all the presidents served after 2017 

  • They do not work only by providing the date or year. 

For example- before:2017 = will not yield any result & may suggest that there is a typo detected in your query.

&, after:2017 = will not yield any result either.

  • These search operators only work if it considers your query will as complete. You must specify what you want to know before or after a given time stamp. 

For example- fried food after:2000 = will show the articles written before 2000 or tropical rainforest after:2000= will show the documents on the tropical rainforest of the country you are in currently & dated after 2000

  • You can use these search operators can in all kinds of formats. The date written in formats like dd/mm/yyyy, mm/dd/yyyy, and yyyy/mm/dd work will yield the same result.

For example- a query related to ‘weather of Seattle before:18/01/2022’, or the weather of Seattle before:01/18/2022, & weather of Seattle before:2022/01/18 = will work the same way & show a page full of different websites offering results related to weather of Seattle before the date 18th of January, 2022

  • Dashes (-) & forward-slash (/) in the date format yield the same result.

For example- ‘weather of Seattle before:18/01/2022’ & ‘weather of Seattle before:18-01-2022’, will give the same result.


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