Google Answers If Meta Description Matters For Rankings 

meta description
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Google has undoubtedly advised using a unique meta description on web pages, but does it influence the search rankings? Well, you will get answers to all your questions right here. 

But to begin with, what exactly is a meta description? It gives the user a sneak peek at the search page about the information level on a web page. Search engines use the designed meta description, but how does Google use it? 

Use of Meta Description By Google 

Snippet documentation of Google records the use of it, i.e., to generate search result snippets. If this beneficial feature of meta description is put to wise use in the search results, it will connect to the budding website explorer to transmit the information about the web page. After clicking on the link, it will give them a quick brief about what they will find on the website.

There is no length restriction on the meta description; however, there is one. The search engine caps how much meta description it will display, which the user’s browsing device defines. Hence, staying within the word limit becomes essential to avoid having the search engine cut it off and give a better user experience. meta description

(Note: For mobile search, it is as short as 120 characters, and for desktop, upto 155 characters.) 

Google’s Use Of Meta Description In Ranking 

The question was explicitly asked if mentioning the location name in the description would improve search rankings. But John Mueller chose to explain a broader aspect of how information in the meta description exactly affects the rankings. meta description

He quotes that it is a snippet of the web page on the search result page, which is not an appropriate element for ranking. But noticeably, having an attention-gaining fragment of information on the search results page would make it more engaging for people to visit the web page when they see the ratings in the results. 

How To Write A Meta Description And Search Engine Optimization? 

Understanding the background of meta descriptions helps one build a better encyclopedia of how to complete the perfect puzzle of SEO and how they match each other. 

After a complete analysis of Google’s recommendations and suggestions on becoming a pro at writing compelling descriptions. The following will help one master the art of SEO. 

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Quality and Accuracy

For better quality, it is the accuracy of the meta description. meta descriptionThe Snippet should correctly convey the content to the users who get through the search result page to your website. 

Character Limit 

As mentioned above, the meta description should fit in the character limit to ensure a complete display on the search page. 

Consistency And Creativity 

Every page will have to have a unique, and creative, and the developer should not use the same report on multiple pages. Every page will have to offer something original to the user to generate traffic and better UX

Call To Action Move.

This move is to call people to your page. So, tell them what it offers using words like ‘Learn…’ or ‘Discover…’ and more. 

Meta descriptions may or may not use in rankings, but they have a powerful effect on the people who will visit your web page on the SERP. It is a perfect element for controlling what users see in the search results. Work on creating innovative descriptions that inspire and engage. 

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