Google Drops Safe Browsing As A Page Experience Ranking Signal

google safe browsing
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Google has stated that the safe browsing signal will be removed from the Google page experience upgrade. “Google announced that they have realized that the concerns aren’t often within site owners’ control, which is why they are emphasizing that Safe Browsing isn’t utilized as a ranking indicator and won’t appear in the Page Experience report anymore.

As a reminder, the page experience upgrade has been rolling out since June 15th and will continue to do so through August 31st.

What Is Google’s Safe Browsing?

Every day, Google Safe Browsing protects over four billion devices by displaying warnings when users browse harmful sites or download dangerous files. Secure Browsing also alerts web admins when their websites have been hacked by criminal actors, assisting them in diagnosing and resolving the issue so that their visitors are kept safe.

original google safe browsing diagram
Original Google Safe Browsing Diagram

Safe Browsing safeguards are built into all of Google’s products and help to make the Internet a safer place.

Does Google’s Safe Browsing Help In Page Ranking?

Safe Browsing is not utilized as a ranking indicator, according to Google. Secure Browsing mechanisms will continue to play an essential part in keeping Google Search users safe. Any warnings will be displayed outside of the Page Experience report in Search Console, but it does not help in the ranking of google search pages.

Why Safe Browsing Matters?

Safe Browsing assists website owners in keeping their sites secure for visitors. That implies assisting in the preservation of your rankings and traffic. Websites that have been hacked frequently go unnoticed. Maintaining website security is a critical but often ignored task.

Safe Browsing generates reports that alert you to these threats. Safe Browsing can aid in the detection of viruses, unwanted software, or social engineering content on your site.

Why Is Google Removing Safe Browsing?

Because these are difficulties that are not always under site owners’ control, Google has decided to remove this as a signal. Google further added that sometimes sites fall victim to third-party hijacking, so it was necessary to remove the safe browsing signal.

new google safe browsing diagram
New Google Safe Browsing Diagram

Moreover, these alerts will be flagged in Search Console but not in the page experience report.

Removing Ad Experience Widget

Google continued to say that they are also deleting the Ad Experience widget to avoid exposing the same information on two areas of the Google Search Console. However, Ad Experience was never utilized in the Google page experience upgrade.

The ad experience report, like safe Browsing, is not a consideration in the page experience ranking signal.

More Changes To Page Experience Report

Google also made some modifications to the page experience report, such as –

  • Adding a “No recent data” banner to the Core Web Vitals and Page Experience reports.
  • Sometimes when Core Web Vitals data was missing. The report displayed “Failing HTTPS.” So, Google fixed the problem that caused the information to show “Failing HTTPS.”
  • In the Page Experience and Core Web Vitals reports, the empty status text has been replaced.

Why Do We Care?

When it comes to your Google Search performance, there is one less ranking signal and aspect to be concerned about. Of course, you don’t want to provide your users with a dangerous surfing experience. But you can still learn about them via Search Console, and it won’t affect your results.

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