Google Investigating Mass Notice From Search Console Coverage Issue Redirect Error

Search Console Coverage Issue Redirect Error
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Its preview report shows a breakdown of all your Google Search performance. This page will provide you with a quick overview of your most critical metrics and updates, such as searches speed, engine penetration, and mobile interface data. This post addresses the Search Console Coverage Issue Redirect Error.

You’ll also get information about any upgrades the website provides, including AMP pages or searching enhancements.

This page provides a high summary of a business’s performance and any urgent concerns that need addressing.

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Google Search Console Properties

Google has given me hundreds of alerts of companies to where I have validated Google Search Console properties in the last 24 hours or so. 

“New Coverage problem found,”  the messages indicate, and the exact mistake is a

“redirect error.”

Google is investigating why so many warnings were sent out.

google search console
google search console

An internal problem is generating a spike in redirecting issues and accompanying email messages in scanning. 

It is not really because of other difficulties with the website or even a Google emotional problem.

We are working to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

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Here’s one I got for my company site, although I got a lot of them:

On, there are specific coverage concerns.

Search Console Coverage Issue Redirect Error
Search Console Coverage Issue Redirect Error

To the proprietor of, I’d like to express my gratitude.

Your site is afflicted by 1 Coverage problem, according to Search Console: Top Mistakes

Errors might make your website or feature impossible to show in search results. On your website, the following mistakes were discovered: Error in redirection

To have the most significant and representation in Google Search, we urge recommend customers solve these issues as soon as possible.

When customers choose a Fix-It link, you’ll be directed to the Coverage report, where you can look at the Redirect problem statuses in detail.

The matter is under investigation by Google, although Daniel Waisberg and John Mueller of the company remarked,

“We’re looking into this…”

Many SEOs are anxious about something like the Search Console Coverage Issue Redirect Error, but the great news is that it is pretty widespread, indicating it was most definitely just a Google issue.

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