Google Page Experience Update Rolled Out – Why it Matters

google page experience update
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The Google Page Experience Update is now fully out. The response to this news was mostly moderate. Nonetheless, this new SEO update is something netizens need to be aware of. Here is why you should count this update as critical.

Ranking Determinants

The ranking determinants are of four divisions in the Google Page Experience. These are Core Web Vitals, Mobile-friendliness, HTTPS, and no interfering interstitials. In the following year, various updates were introduced by the Core Web Vitals that promised to earn the metrics more balanced and more reliable. 

google page experience update
Google Page Experience Update

However, these updates introduced in the specific metrics that incorporate Core Web Vitals are beneficial in enhancing website rates for most sites.

Recently, Google’s John Mueller filtered the seeming prohibition on intrusive interstitials. He stated that interstitials that prevent users from the content when they appear on a site are what Google considers unacceptable and a weak user experience.

The Recent Google Page Experience Update Has Ceased Rolling Out 

The news of the update is completely rolling out was disseminated by the Twitter account of Google Search Central on the 3rd of September. The response experienced as a result of this announcement was limited. The tweet has 45 retweets and three responses in total. 

The 45 quote tweets were lacking significant criticism and appeared to reveal an ordinary gesture from the global search society.

Page Experience Update is Significant

For each search ranking, the most crucial outcome is relevance. Nevertheless, the significant ranking determinants that deserve concern and attentiveness are page experience. The Page Experience ranking determinants are actual ranking determinants, not the little bump that people consider it to be.

The official Google Search Central page dedicated to Page Experience ranking determinants declares:

“…in cases where there are many pages that may be similar in relevance, page experience can be much more important for visibility in Search.”

Core Web Vitals – More Than Just a Playoff

There was a time when incompetence and comparatively irrelevant were the two terms attached to Core Web Vitals. Possibly the lack of influence from earlier Page Experience determinants like HTTPS and mobile-friendliness pointed to that evaluation.

Core Web Vitals
Core Web Vitals

However, that’s not the actual case with the whole Page Experience ranking determinants, specifically with the Core Web Vitals. As per Google, Core Web Vitals are much more than tie-breakers.

In the initial days of August, Google’s John Mueller asserted that Core Web Vitals is a crucial ranking determinant.

In a recent interview with Reddit, John Mueller came forward and took the opportunity to notify the global web society that Core Web Vitals are not comparatively insignificant. Alternatively, people should start paying more attention to it. 

John Mueller states that:

“It is a ranking factor, and it’s more than a tie-breaker, but it also doesn’t replace relevance. Depending on the sites you work on, you might notice it more, or you might notice it less. As an SEO, a part of your role is to take all of the possible optimizations and figure out which ones are worth spending time on.”


Many ranking determinants are still unknown to the people. We have in our knowledge that links are essential ranking determinants. But, what we don’t know is which links will assist in ranking and which will not. Google is transparent and open about Page Experience rankings determinants and gives valuable suggestions for increasing your scores.

Page Experience ranking determinants are one of the most reliable ranking signals. It makes sense to be careful about allowing some sources to grow Page Experience Signals to put your best effort into gaining the best place in the search results.

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