Google Search Gets Larger Images, Enhances ‘About This Result’ And More

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The hot topic of Google’s Search On event was undoubtedly MUM. But the event was also the venue for some significant announcements that one can not ignore. Like how Google Search Gets Larger images for all their searches.

The announcement was to introduce some modifications in the search results that awakened the interests of search marketers. The transformation in the search results highlights the introduction of:

  •  Larger and more visual browsing results for unusual inquiries
  •  Improvements introduced in the “About this result feature.” 
  •  Google search interface that is more “shippable.”
  •  In-person shopping at home 

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Google Search Gets Larger Images And More Visual Browsing

For some search results, Google has introduced a modified interface that is more visually browsable. 

Viewers can experience the modified interface with searches that comprise a keyword in addition to the phrase “idea,” for example – home decor ideas.

google search
Google Search

Google believes that this transformation will make “it easier to browse to find what you are looking for visually.” This transformation news first appeared this week. And many believed that Google referred to these large image blocks as “image universal blocks.” 

These search results will have restrictions to idea searches and also have an extension to apparel-related inquiries. 

Improvements Introduced In The “About This Result Feature” 

In February 2021, Google first introduced the “About this result feature,” and again in July, they came up with a few improvements like ” ranking information to the box.” 

The improvements led to the addition of data in the “About this result feature.” It accommodates the source’s background; the information can be drawn from the sites about us page. 

In addition, the search results will also accommodate the results like what people have to say regarding the subject and its related searches. Google also discloses that one cannot control the information shown in the form of associated results. And what people are saying about the subject. 

about this result
About this result

The search engine obtains the information through a collection of undisclosed inquiries. And the About this result feature will only appear on the sites that satisfy quality requirements. 

Google has promised that it will keep a check that this feature is not misused. But as for now, Google hasn’t figured out a way that reveals whether the information is valid or not. 

However, users can submit their feedback to Google, but it is uncertain how long Google will react against the inquiry. To date, this feature has been used over 400 million times, as specified by Google. 

A More Friendly Interface For Shoppable Search

For apparel-related searches, Google has a “more shoppable” search interface which also led to Google Search Gets Larger Images. Google continues highlighting the advantages of this latest modification that make it more comfortable to browse for apparel-related searches on mobile phones. 

shoppable ads
Shoppable Ads

For instance- when a user searches “cropped jackets,” the search results will display the visual images of jackets and the additional information like shops, styling guides, etc. Earlier this year, an announcement was made at Google I/O where Google revealed that Google Shopping Graph powered this. 

Shopping At Home Feels More Like Shopping In Person.

To make the experience of online shopping more like shopping in-person, Google has introduced new in-store inventory. This feature lets the user figure out whether the nearby stores have a particular item or not using the “in stock” filter. 

On September 29th, the introduction was underway in the US in English and select markets. Including UK, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland.

Google Lens Shopping

Google plans to introduce a new button for iOS users that allows all the images on a page searchable through Google Lens. However, initially, this feature will only be for US users. 

google lens
Google Lens

Nevertheless, Google is introducing Google Lens on Chrome for its desktop users, and unlike the iOS version, this feature will be available globally. 

New Improvements In MUM

For the extended utilization of MUM, Google has come with few improvements that accommodate Google Lens. Video search features, Google Search Gets Larger images and how Google will utilize MUM in the new version of ” Things to know,” refinement of search, etc.

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