Google Search Console Products Enhancements Report More Errors

google search console products enhancements report
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Google has recently introduced the Google Search Console Products Enhancements Report while inaugurating various improvements. With the newly introduced features, the errors are now more granular; and Google provides you with more actionable errors. Also allowing you to work on the detected errors and structuring product data on the concerned page.

While disclosing the updates through the data anomalies help page. Google stated the date of implementation to be September 29, 2021.  

google search console
Google Search Console

According to Google, “Search Console now provides more granularity in error reporting for Product structured data items.” “As a result, many issues involving incorrect formatting that were formerly marked as invalid object are now marked more specifically with invalid type or format categories.”

It was in February 2019 when Google introduced this report to Search Console for the first time. Over the past few years, Google has formed various amendments to the reports, including the update mentioned above.

Having structured product data on a site along a verified Search Console property allows you to access the report here on the Search Console. Also, learn and grasp more knowledge about the update here

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Google Search Console Products Enhancements Report Changes

In February 2021, Google did not support the format anymore. Hence, now warnings regarding the usage of data structured data emerge as an error in the rich results report.

Such amendments have shown an increase in errors in the reports and a gradual decrease in the warnings. However, there is no penalty for using data, but one cannot use it to generate rich results. 

In March 2021, the Search Console started checking the validity of FAQ and Q&A structured data, including below the root entity level.

Earlier Google used to check the entities at the root level. Still, the recently introduced changes have increased valid/warning/invalid FAQ and Q&A parts to display an accurate count of root and nested entities that Google can detect on your page. 

google search console products enhancements report
Google Search Product

Also, it is worth mentioning that the Search Console has brought about significant changes in what you need for the Education Experience and ExperienceInPlaceOfEducation properties of job posting markup. Hence, you can witness a drastic increase in warnings for job posting instances on your property. 

In May 2021, Search Console has paved a new way that helps in evaluating and promulgating errors in Event structured data. Such changes have brought about minor increments in the number of event entities and issues reported for your property. Also, recorded changes have shown the severity of some problems, starting from errors to warnings. Just to let you know, 

Search Console specifically detects event entities at all hierarchy levels, and it is not only about the root level. Therefore, the errors suspected in the concerned properties are flagged as warnings rather than errors. 

Why Is It Important To Know? 

After September 29, 2021, if you observe a spike or significant drop in errors. Then it is more about the change introduced by Google in showing more granular errors in the Google Search Console Products Enhancements Report. Hence, you must revise and review the errors. Further, please send them to your developers to determine and fix the problem.  

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