Use Of Keywords In Content : Google’s POV

Use of keywords in content
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In terms of search engine optimization, these are the words and phrases that people enter into search engines when they type in a search term.

Your primary keywords are the words and phrases that will help people find your content. These are the words and phrases that people enter into search engines when they type in a search term. 

Keywords are very important because they are the critical part of how a search algorithm works. They are one of the prime criteria that an algorithm is looking for and the substance you are giving to fill that need. So what is your motive for positioning on web search tools?

It is to drive organic traffic to your site or blog from the search engine result pages. And the targeted keywords will figure out what sort of traffic you are going to get. I mean, not as much as it used to be but it’s still somewhat relevant. 

Your objective in positioning on web search tools is to drive natural traffic to your website from the search engine result pages, and the decided keywords to aim will figure out what sort of traffic you are going to get.

usage of keywords in an article
Usage Of Keywords In An Article

John Mueller solved the question about how often keywords are used on the page and the value of the words planned upto that point.

John Mueller discusses whether the H1, Meta label, and the hawk of search advances that will focus on the keywords on the settings page are obsolete. He also spoke of the advantages of using keywords in a limited range and planning to point words effectively.


The Ratio Of Keywords In Content

John Mueller first answered a query of a person who asked the question, saying that they have a “policy” to govern keywords in the content. He suspects that the policy may be old.

keyword golden ratio
Keyword Golden Ratio

Here’s what the person asked: 

“I have an explanation on how to use keywords, especially targeting keywords in meta tags, using it on H1, using it multiple times in one content, cool stuff from MUM, and everything else… The main question is that this is still a legitimate SEO strategy, or shouldn’t we focus on using that particular keyword multiple times on the page?”

Firstly, John Mueller answers that keywords must be mentioned a certain number of times in the article. This is a keyword ratio link, which is the keyword’s percentage on the page. It is believed that Google’s algorithm responds well to the content displayed on the page. Certainly at a certain rate for a given keyword.

For instance, some content writing programs slither the highest level locales and propose keyword proportions for the aimed keyword phrases and different suggestions.

By quoting keywords from a specific period, you will rely on web search tools. That goes back to Google’s first search engine. That’s really a thing for the use of keywords in the content.

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Keywords Are Important But Not The First Priority

Mueller clarifies the importance of the use of keywords in content and warns against becoming obsessed with keywords. Says, 

prioritizing keywords
Prioritizing Keywords

“And for individual keywords, I don’t think I will ignore them completely, but at the same time, I don’t pay too much attention to the exact keywords—especially things like singular and plural numbers or something like different spellings of individual words.

 This is something you probably shouldn’t worry about. But when it comes to what your website is about and what you want to know, I will do it anyway. 

When we look at things like news articles, we sometimes see that when news sites don’t understand SEO, they can write more…almost like literature, you read and understand what this means, but the way the exact words are used on the page is not very suitable for the topic. 

Therefore, if you want to rank something from an SEO perspective, I will still mention it on the page. I will not exaggerate the number of references. I did not magnify all synonyms and different spellings, but it makes sense to mention it at least once”.


Mueller emphasized the benefit of utilizing keywords in content, saying that it is significant that the words used on the page are identified with the theme.

This is an intriguing subject that can be talked about later on. That was all regarding the use of keywords in the content.

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