How Does Keyword-Stuffing Impact Google My Business?

impact of keyword stuffing
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Placing relevant keywords all around the website is a common practice in SEO which helps in improving the rank of your website. It is one of the easiest ways to rank up higher in the search engine. Let’s get into the impact of keyword stuffing.

keyword stuffing title

However, too much of anything is not good. Placing keywords will help you get more viewers, so you may feel adding more speeds up the process. But do that too much, and it will seriously backfire.

You should always ensure that your website does not contain more than 2-4% keyword density.

Keyword Stuffing

Before knowing the impact of keyword stuffing, we should know what keyword stuffing is. The practice of adding way too many keywords to a website in hopes that it will boost up the rank of the website is called keyword stuffing.

Also, if you add repeating words or phrases without any reason, spam the same keyword throughout the page or add words that are out of context or irrelevant to the page’s topic, it can be called keyword stuffing. More insights on Keyword Stuffing

How Do Websites Stuff Keywords?

Besides stuffing too many keywords and the impact of keyword stuffing, there are several tactics website owners employ to boost their ratings. First, they hide keywords from the viewers’ eyes by writing them in the same color as the background.

Thus, even though they may not be visible to the reader, they are still visible to search engine crawlers.

Site owners also repeat keywords in the page’s source code, attributes, meta tags, and comment tags to boost their rank.
Note: We mentioned these methods to make you aware of these malpractices. Do not try them. It will not do you any good.

keyword stuffing
Keyword Stuffing

If you take a look at the Google My Business Guidelines, you will see that it clearly states that you should not add extra keywords to your website. It also states that adding unnecessary information in your business name is illegal and can lead to the suspension of your listing.

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Actions Taken By Google

Knowing the impact of keyword stuffing, we know that Google has taken severe actions against the violators of My Business guidelines.

In addition, they have taken action against My Business profiles that add unnecessary and irrelevant information that has no similarity with their business’s real-world name in their websites.

There have been about 50 reported cases of keyword stuffing, and Google has taken action in about 40% of them. Some of them were given a warning by Google to reduce their keyword stuffing.

Some of them got a soft suspension. It means the owner of the business cannot manage the listing inside Google My Business. However, the listing will be live in Google Maps, so it generally does not affect the listing ranking.

keyword stuffing google
Keyword Stuffing Google

Others were given a hard suspension. It means that all the listings and reviews will be completely deleted from Google My Business and Google Maps. Reading the impact of keyword stuffing, we should always take care of the guidelines.

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It would help if you never stuffed keywords on your website. It harms your website as Google might take action against you.

Also, users get a bad experience when visiting your website, leading to negative reviews and making your rank worse.

Websites are always meant for educating, serving, and engaging their readers. It would help if you always remembered writing content for your readers, not for a search engine that proves the impact of keyword stuffing.

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