Preparing For The Core Web Vitals Update In 2021

core web vitals update
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The first big update of Google is coming soon, and Google will introduce a new algorithm related to website speed, performance, and user experience with its core web vitals update. Even though an average person may not know anything about it, these updates are very important in digital marketing.

Google is going to introduce the core web vitals update package in the upcoming update. Even though we have already seen a few bits of it in Google’s policy, it will be officially announced during June’s algorithm update.

web vitals
Web Vitals

However, Google will not reveal the details about this algorithm. This ensures that no website owners use any unfair strategies or malpractices to abuse this algorithm and boost their rankings.

In their tweet, Google has announced an updated timeframe for introducing page experience for Google Search. 

Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals are signals which Google will use to measure the user’s experience. For example, the loading speed of a website, stability, and the ease of use of a webpage is the Core Web Vitals that Google will use to rank websites.

Based on these factors, you can make improvements to your website to increase viewer satisfaction.

Other than these three, different factors like ease of use in mobile and safety of the website will also be considered when ranking any web page. 

Importance Of Core Web Vitals

A lot of people use Google News Reader for getting their daily news feed. This is also a good source of traffic for the blog. So, a good score in Core Web Vitals and regular core web vitals update in your blog will ensure that your website is shown in the news feed.

My Business Listings and Google Maps are used for SEO and increasing ranks. The addition of a good Core Web Vitals score will allow your business to stand out in Google Maps.

core web vitals
Core Web Vitals

Also, after releasing every major Google update, they tend to sweep out the spam content from the search results. So any websites with low-quality content, like scammers or spammers or websites that are not updated regularly, get removed.

Core Web Vitals will ensure that you get high-quality and relevant content in the search results, and the poorly-run websites will get left behind.

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Preparing For Core Web Vitals

The factors used to rank your website in the search engine, and their metrics have already been specified. So, it is high time you start preparing your website for Core Web Vitals for the core web vitals update.

You need to understand that Core Web Vitals focuses more on user experience. So, before you make any changes to your website, use the required tools to check the present state of your website and whether it satisfies all the requirements for a good rank.

One can face LCP issues due to the slow response of servers or render-blocking by JavaScript or CSS. You can improve them by spending more on hosting.

You can also remove unnecessary third-party plugins and reduce the web page’s overall size by getting rid of big page elements.

preparing for core web vitals
Preparing for Core Web Vitals

First Input Delay (FID) means taking a website to respond after a user has clicked on something. A high FID can ruin the user’s experience. This can also be caused by render-blocking by JavaScript and CSS.

You can reduce FID by removing third-party plugins, prevent JavaScript from render-blocking pages, or break down large tasks into smaller ones.

We use Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) to measure the visual stability of websites. For example, a user may click on the wrong button due to a shift in the layout, which can drastically reduce their experience. There are many factors like dimensionless images, dynamic content, or web fonts that cause CLS issues.

You can discover the reasons behind CLS issues using the Page Speeds Insights tool and optimize the page using the instructions. So, that’s how you prepare for core web vitals update.

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Wrapping Up

With the large-scale implementation of this update, the experience of surfing the internet will become a whole lot better. However, you need to understand that nothing gets more priority than keeping good and relevant content on your website.

So, keep that in mind when preparing your website for a core web vitals update.

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