Super Links – Crack The Latest Google Update

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After months of anticipation, We have “Super Links” Pre-Launch.

Before I go into details, I want to tell you a story that illustrates the importance of ​Quality Over Quantity of links.

This story is important because ​It can help us crack the latest Google update.
Here’s what happened … 

Jeff, One of my friends, ranked all over Google before the official Core Update back in May 2020. He had 8 sites in the same niche, and he was on 1st and 2nd page of Google for most of the high competitive keywords.

He was having a ball and minting loads of money.
Google May Core Update came and hit him right into the face.

He got kicked out for 7 out of his 8 sites. The 8th site maintained some ranking, but never-the-less, He was nowhere near what he was making previously.

His SEO expert told him he should make new sites and forget about those old sites.

He came to me and asked for genuine advice.
I asked my team mate to analyze all of his sites from a back-links point of view and link velocity.

All of them had one thing in common-  A Massive No. of BackLinks.

We advised him to slow down his back-links process and make 80-90 high-quality links consistently over a few months, along with some social signals.

He did not believe me as he was a fan of quantity.

We pointed him towards the quality of links and asked him to implement it for at least three sites to test this out.


He has over 10 sites now. He dominates the niche with just 60-100 High-Quality links each month, along with social sharing.

And he pioneered an entirely new style of Ranking method.

Jeff called​ these links, Super links.

We named it “SUPER Links” upon his suggestion.
These links are the combination of Niche Edits, Guest Post Style Posts & Hidden PBNs.

And you ​CAN​ get these links at 60% savings as a Pre-Launch XMAS Deal.
You may not know this, but this is the lowest pricing that we can offer to these super links, which are meant for super rankings.

We even created a 1-minute preview video in which we demonstrate one of the lesser know techniques- Niche Edit, which is one ingredient of these super links.

Super Links are the wisest way to crack Google Core Update, which started rolling out on 3rd Dec.

And to quote Jeff again: “​Never​ Take Short Cuts, Stay Continuous With Powerful Links, and You can crack any G-Update.”

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