Adult SEO- What Search Engine Crawlers Love?

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I have around 3-4 clients asking for Adult SEO Services each week.

Lets find out what are few basic thing to take care when you are doing Search Engine Optimization for Porn Industry.

What is Adult SEO?

If you want your website to receive traffic through Google or any other search engine, gaining first page rankings is absolutely vital. This is mainly because most web traffic goes to first page sites.

In fact it is fair to say most people don’t really attempt to look beyond the first page.


As more and more people realize the importance of Search Engine Optimization, it is becoming abundantly clear that without the right approach, increasing traffic to your website can be a tough task.

And when you are doing this task for an Adult Web Site, It’s called Adult SEO.


How Adult Search Engine Optimization is Different From Normal SEO?


SEO for adult web sites is different on some grounds, like most of the sites won’t accept adult web sites for submissions and nobody would like to connect to a adult web site.

Further More you would not find a lots of companies providing SEO Services for Porn or Adult Web Sites.

Just like any other niche, Keyword research is the most important aspect of SEO for adult web sites.

Let’s dive into it.

Keyword Research for PORN SEO:

As a website owner, you want to research the best keywords that will help rank your website.

The approach you take depends on the audience you are targeting. For Adult SEO, you must really think outside the box because there are many keywords that most search engines classify as inappropriate.

In fact, few of the keyword research tool would not show correct volume or zero volume for the highly targeted keywords.

If you want to dominate the adult Industry Search Engine Optimization, You must work hard on your Adult Keyword Research first. Here are some tips for performing adult keyword research:

(1) Research Current Traffic Generating Adult Keywords

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a website owner is to assume that you understand the adult keywords that would drive people to your site.

adult seo company

Web analytics (you can use Google Search Console) not only provides you with useful information but also the data to back it up. It gives you an insight into a lots of keywords to drive traffic to your site.

(2) Prepare a List of the Best Adult Keywords

As already mentioned, it’s only the best keywords that will bring you good traffic and hence good revenue.

There are many tools that can help you identify the best terms for your site. One of them is Google keyword planner. It helps users identify keywords across all sectors, including adult.

seo for adult website

It also gives you the benefit of free services that will help you start you keyword research without spending money.

(3) Make Use of the Long Tail

The high number of websites these days makes it difficult to rank generically using simple keywords.

The internet is cluttered with websites and most areas that you would expect to rank highly are occupied by the more established domains. A good way to overcome this is to use longtail keywords because they have fewer searches and therefore lower competition.

adult seo website

For example, instead of using “girls pictures”, you can use “mature girls pictures US” which will bring fewer search results.

(4) Understand Your Niche

By understanding what makes your site different from the others, you will be in a better position to create a list of keywords that are ideal for your specific type of content.

Without this knowledge, you will basically be engaging in trial-and-error which can end up being a waste of time.

(5) Read User’s Mind

A big part of adult keyword research is trying to read the user’s mind. Once you have finished your research, you may want to read your user’s mind and how people search on the web.


adult seo marketing company

For example, you can use pornstar names or celebrities name along with your main adult keywords because it is highly likely that users will be searching for them.

Once you are done with the keyword research, It’s time to go for the factors which can impact your Adult Search Engine Optimization in a great way.






Image Optimization:

According to a study, 45% of referral traffic comes from Google image search. So You have to be very serious about image optimization in this industry. You should put all the efforts to make all of your images indexed and found by search Engines.

adult image search engine

You should do keyword research and put different ALT tags for different images on your site.

Video Optimization:

You might have lots of videos on your own site or other tube sites if you are running a site in Adult niche.

adult video search engines

You should make sure that the title , description are well suited to your targeted keywords.

Loading Speed:

Google counts every second when it comes to loading speed of the site. Mostly adult web sites with a huge no of videos tends to load slower, if you can decrease the load time you can stay ahead of the competition.

adult website seo

Adult Submissions:

Most of the main stream sites dont accept adult web sites. so you should gather a list of directories and sites which accept adult web sites. There are particular Adult directories and adult blogs where you can put your link.

seo for porn website

You should hire a professional adult seo service company to do the job for you.

Link Exchange:

Link exchange can be really fun for this industry.

adult link exchange

They not only provide you with direct traffic, they pass a lots of link juice to your site and make it look more authoritative.

Adult Blog Network:

Blog Networks work like crazy for adult web sites.

adult pbn links

You can make your own blog network or you can go with any network which accepts adult web sites and it can do the trick for you.

I have put a basic guide to build your own PBN. You can read it here.

In Summary

Although adult sites are among the highest drivers of web traffic, it is also a fact that the adult niche is over saturated. The key to having a successful adult SEO strategy is to stand out from the competition.

If you are not unique, it will be difficult to be seen on the search engines.

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