Link Building for Adult Websites

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If you want your adult site to rank, you will need to follow the same SEO practices for Adult SEO that are followed by other webmasters in ensuring their content sites stand a chance in the SERPs.

One of the best ways to do this is to build links with other adult sites. If you do it properly, you will propel your site to greater heights and the results will be endless passive income.

But the question is; why should you use adult backlinks? Before we answer that and other important questions, let’s start with the basics.

What are Adult Backlinks?

Let not the world ‘adult’ not confuse you. Adult backlinks are just backlinks meant for adult niche websites.

If you have an adult website, you build backlinks with other adult content websites thus adult backlinks.

Unlike the conventional content industry, building backlinks for the adult niche is difficult. There are many limitations and the niche offers a few options to work with.

Why Should You Use Adult Backlinks?

If you want to get a great number of visitors to your site, there is no shortcut. You must do all you can to enable your site to remain relevant in the SERPs.

The good thing is like conventional link building, adult link building can bring organic and referral visitors to your site.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider using adult backlinks on your adult content site:

Adult Backlinks Aid in Your Site’s Indexing

Google indeed indexes web pages without backlinks. However, the search engine tends to favor pages and websites that have quality backlinks.

What Is Google Crawling and Indexing?

It may take new adult sites days or even weeks for a new post or page to be indexed but a matter of hours for the same search engine to index a page belonging to an adult site with quality backlinks.

Those using WordPress CMS may argue that there is no point in investing in adult backlinks when the CMS can index new pages within a few days of publishing. While that is true, adult backlinking expedites the whole process.

They Increase Your Website Ranking

Google measures websites’ authority using many things. One of the factors the search engine looks at is the number of quality links that point to your site.

The term quality is used to mean those links that are achieved in acceptable ways.

These links should come from other adult sites that have built authority over time.

The contrary is also true. An adult site with few backlinks or no links at all will not rank even if the webmaster has written exemplary content yet the site is competing with authority sites for the same position.

Adult Backlinks Direct Visitors

When done properly adult backlinks, direct traffic to the right pages.

When a visitor types a search query on the Google tab, and lands on a high-authority site that has a contextual link pointing to your site, they don’t end there.

The visitor clicks on the contextual link and within a second, he or she lands on your site. This helps visitors find more valuable information from two or more sites.

They Offer Long-term Results

Assuming nothing happens to the high-authority site, adult link building provides the smaller site with long-term benefits.

As the high-authority site continues to build its dominance on the SERPs, it keeps sending many visitors to the smaller site.

Thankfully, the smaller site keeps growing if the webmaster continues to invest in high-end adult backlinks.

With many visitors coming to the site, you are bound to get immeasurable benefits.

How Do Adult Link Building Services Work?

Link building is essential, especially in businesses that often have fierce, poor, and unhealthy competition.

Surprisingly, the adult content niche is one of those industries that is engulfed by unhealthy SEO practices.

Investing in quality link-building services, goes a long way in creating constant income, something that is not easy if you were only dependent on making product sales.

For your customers to trust your business, you must show that you are resilient. One of the major ways of doing so is by appearing on already-established sites.

Search engines too, need to see your site more often, before they send the right organic or referral traffic your way.

You will go the extra mile by not depending on one site for backlinking. Those who have managed to get the best results using this method often target several high-ranking websites.

A few shrewd webmasters in the adult niche spend a lot of money buying backlinks (grey hat).

While it is a legitimate business, you should always try to get varied backlinks to high-authority websites.

In the end, you will continue to reap the benefits of building genuine links if the high-authority websites will continue to rank.

NB. While there is no harm in throwing links to various websites, a single custom backlink on a high-ranking website can give you great benefits for many years.

Therefore, do not go for quantity. Instead, look for the quality of the link.

Often, point to a high-performing page on a high-ranking adult website and the result is immeasurable ROI for several years ahead.


Basics of Link Building for Adult Website

Although the term link building may look simple, it is not easy to practice backlinking especially for adult sites.

As mentioned in the previous sections, link building for other niches does not require a lot.

Besides, you will find out that there are many websites in niches such as fashion, sports, travel, home and garden, interior décor, and many others.

On the other hand, the adult niche has fewer websites, thus it is easy to say that there is not much competition.

When some people read about this, they quickly think that it is a smooth sail. Hardly!

Many websites do not want to associate with adult content sites.

For whatever reason, even those that have adult websites do not always come out clearly about their sites. This makes it difficult to build links.

In such a delicate situation, you need to find a way to stand out bearing in mind that building links for the adult site is still one of the main ways of ensuring your site ranks.

Here are the few yet important undertakings you should start with:

Assess the Competitors’ Backlinks

It is no lie. Link building for adult sites is no joke. The market is identified but the opportunities are extremely few, thus it will take you more research to find the right sites to link to.

Your research should start by probing into your competitor. By competitor, I mean your immediate rival, that website that you are always afraid of.

Your main competitor could be the website that seems to appear on top of the results page every time you type a keyword in your niche.

Check which sites link to your competitor’s main pages. By now, you should have a spreadsheet where you record all the findings (the sites that point to your competitor, the exact post, and where it points to).

You can also have your list of high-ranking adult sites that you intend to build links.

7 Actionable Ways to Loot Your Competitors' Backlinks

If the site appears on your competitors, then you are on the safe side. That shows the site is legit and is an authority in the adult niche. You should go for it too.

As you do your background checks, do not forget the two important things – the adult niche site’s domain authority and if it has what we call trust flow.

If the site you intend to link to does not have these two, it is useless to link to it. You should always aim at linking to a site that has a higher authority than yours and which gets organic content and trust.

Do not go for a site that buys traffic.

You can make your work easier by using available tools such as Majestic, which shows you hundreds of websites you can develop backlinks.

Join Communities in Your Niche

Every niche has its community of die-hard followers. The adult niche is among the industries that have a massive following. You can find a majority of these followers in grouped communities.

Make it your habit to join these communities. While there, get busy. Engage your friends. After all, these are the people you share the same ideas and feelings. Don’t you?

Such forums are ample places where you can talk freely with the people you share many things. Do not hesitate to share your ideas, suggestions, or even a link to your site.

It appears that Google is not giving prominence to forums or niche groupings but even if the search engine doesn’t; you get a chance to mingle with your colleagues, pals, and your readers.

If you maintain good relations with the people in ‘your community, they will soon start to recognize you, associate with you, and want to connect with you, and evidently, that is how business collaborations start.

You should also know some of the good practices when at these forums.

If you decide to include a link to your website or post a comment, do not use a hyperlink. Instead, paste the whole post link (the full page URL).

If you use hyperlinks, you are likely to anger Google, which will not hesitate to penalize you.

Tap Into Blog Posting

Blogging has been and will always remain the biggest and main strategy for gaining site authority.

People will only know you through written content whether on your site or by reading your posts on someone’s website.

Big sites within your niche that may be willing to give you a chance to do a blog post will be another good idea to make yourself known.

If you get such as chance, do an outstanding post. It could be a step-by-step guide on how to do something or just an in-depth review of a new product in the adult content niche.

As you are aware, you will get the byline on an authority website. Besides, you will get a chance to mention your site.

Whether you are paying for guest posting or you are in some kind of collaboration, make sure you utilize the guest posting chance.

Although this strategy might be expensive (some webmasters charge as high as $500 for a 600 to 800-word guest post.

You can do the math. If the authority site will send unlimited traffic that converts to your site, the deal is worth your investment.

Do More Internal Link Building

This strategy is by far the best in enhancing user experience. A reader can come to your adult niche site to get some information about a given product.

In the reader’s mind, it shouldn’t take three minutes to get the information and leave your site.

But do you know that with proper post interlinking (internal link building), the client will stay on your site for 30 minutes or even more? This is possible if you integrate your posts like a pro.

When doing internal link building, avoid plastering a post with blue links.

Be as natural as you can. Interlink posts topically (those that speak on the same or related topics).

Besides, putting a link in the first paragraph is equal to sending away your client.

Let your client find what he/she came to look for before you ask them to visit other related pages on your website.

Help Others in Your Niche

Although businesses are based on competition, healthy competition is not harmful. It does not mean you cannot help. In particular, you cannot do SEO practices alone.

You need other people. Yes, you need other sites.

For instance, if you have requested an authority site for link placement, you should be ready to do the same when a seemingly smaller site approaches you.

That way, you will always get unsolicited links pointing to your site naturally.

As your adult site keeps growing in rank and authority, do not forget that at one time, you were also struggling with your site.

That will make you understand struggling webmasters in your niche who come to your email to request a backlink.

While nobody will judge you if you decide to charge them but helping small sites gain exposure is a good way of getting many good returns to your adult niche site in days to come.

Conduct External Link Building Through Proper SEO Practices

Through known link-building agencies, you can get a list of authority adult sites you can link to.

These agencies not only give you a list of authority niche sites on your niche but also provide other essential SEO practices.

You can contact for this and other Adult SEO services.


The adult niche is one isolated market with a lot of potential.

The few sites on the niche continue to scramble for the big cake ahead of them that comes from the sale of adult products and advertisement fees from engaging adult content.

Link building is one of the easiest ways you can employ to get your adult niche site to the top, thus beating the competition and remaining afloat.

However, you must learn the finest tricks of link building if you want to propel your adult website.

It is my sincere hope that this blog post has been of help to you in tapping the best link-building strategies for adult websites.

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