Best Tactics for Adult SEO to Drive Traffic

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Adult content is one of the most searched content online. In 2018, The Guardian reported that the US porn industry netted an upward of $97 billion in one year.

Another report shows that the adult content sector attracts 30 billion active visitors on a daily basis. Because of the amount of revenue it creates, the porn industry is extremely competitive, something that gives adult website owners sleepless nights.

That is why, learning how to optimize adult content is of absolute importance and this post will talk of the best tactics for adult SEO to drive traffic to your site.

For you to earn money from your site you must have qualified and decent traffic and you cannot get good traffic if your keywords are not showing up among the top site on Google SERPs. Therefore, if you are struggling to do adult SEO, this post will help you.

Without wasting more time, let’s start by defining some of the terms we’ll use throughout this Adult SEO guide.


What Does Adult SEO Mean?

Like any other Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactic, Adult SEO is the practice of optimizing your porn site (site that contains adult content) for the search engine.

However, adult SEO tactics differ slightly with standard SEO practices especially when it comes to building links.

Interestingly, the competition in the process of finding and building quality links in the adult SEO industry is much lower when you compare it with other industries.

If you conduct proper adult SEO, the chances of ranking your site are easier than in other niches.


Does Website Ranking Really Matter?

Website ranking matters a lot. The higher your site ranks on Google SERPs, the more the number of people visiting your site.

Experts say that 50 to 60% of website visitors are likely to click on what Google brings first (number 1), 20 to 25% click on what the search engine brings second (position 2), and a meager 8 to 12% are likely to click on what Google brings as the third search result (position 3).

So, now you know it matters a lot for your website to be on position 1. It also means that visitors may never want to look at any other positions especially if the search result is not on page 1.


Why You Should Care About Organic Traffic?

You should care about organic traffic from the search engine because of two reasons:

  • Organic traffic is free.
  • It is targeted traffic.

Organic Traffic is Free

Organic traffic is free because you are not spending a penny to drive traffic to your site. Upon typing the search query that contains a keyword you’ve targeted, people find your site through the search results that Google gives them.

Organic Traffic is Targeted Traffic

Organic traffic is seen as ‘targeted’ traffic because the people who come to your site are those who are interested with what your site offers.

For instance, if your website publishes content on computers, the people who can visit and actually spend quality time on your site are those interested in computers.

There is no way a person interested in lawn care or pets is going to spend even a minute in your site that talks about computers leave alone finding it!

Simply, when a person comes to your site through Google, he or she is there to search for information that is on your site. If anything, that person is likely to spend his/her money in what your website offers.


Why is Adult SEO Important?

As mentioned at the beginning, adult SEO is one of the extremely competitive markets thus to stay on the top, you need to put in the best adult SEO practices. What is more, there is an ever-increasing demand for adult content.

In other words, the number of players in the porn industry, who include website owners and marketers, is so high.

To give users the best results, the search engine is regularly updating its ‘filtration’ criteria. The result is showing users sites that only provide and answer the searchers’ intent.

The other reason why you should take adult SEO seriously is because rules that govern the industry are super strict. So, if you continue lugging behind in terms of implementing adult SEO on your site, you will soon close down your business.

There is no shortcut if you want to drive meaningful audience to your porn site. You must be ready to implement proper and in-depth adult SEO practices.

Well, primarily, you have to depend on organic traffic but there is no harm in topping up with referral traffic.

After all, many people heavily depend on these two main types of genuine traffic.

Therefore, when it comes to implementing adult SEO, you must know where to start. Before we do so, here is another important question:


How is the SEO of Adult Websites Different from SEO of Mainstream Websites?

There are many differences when it comes to doing SEO for adult content and the conventional SEO for the rest of the industries. However, the main difference that exists is when creating backlinks.

Besides, adult content webmasters and marketers must stay clean when doing their thing, lest, they will violate the strict protocols set in the porn industry stream.

For this and other reasons, porn industry webmasters must be careful when recruiting agencies that carry out adult content SEO in their behalf. These SEO experts must stay updated on what Google policies require of adult industry.

With that in mind, here are a few prominent differences between the adult stream SEO and mainstream SEO practices:


The Adult Stream

The Mainstream

Availability of Content There’s very little adult content (you can only get it in adult websites & a few blogs) A lot of content available (millions even billions of websites)
Keyword Research Extremely low Sometimes low, sometimes high depending on the niche
Amount of Competition Extremely difficult to do A variety of SEO tools (free & paid)
Product Marketing Strictly paid Free or paid


With that in mind, it is reasonable to mention that it is not going to be easy for webmasters joining the adult industry to promote a site or blog that publishes adult content.


How to Optimize Your Adult Niche Website?

As tipped already, optimizing an adult content site takes a slightly different turn from conventional websites. Nonetheless, if you put the efforts, you can hack it. That said, here are some of the key areas you need to focus on when doing adult SEO:

Keyword Analysis

When doing keyword analysis for an adult site, the first stop is your competitor. You have to check what keywords your competitors are using to propel their sites.

This section requires a lot of time in carrying out an in-depth research thus it might test your keyword research skills and patience.

The good thing about taking your quality time in this section is it will unleash important details that you didn’t know existed. For instance, you will get to know some of the keywords your competitors are targeting, those that drive traffic to their websites.

Besides, you are likely to know the type of website content that works and ostensibly, you will see how various webmasters and adult SEO gurus are optimizing the various websites that beat you in terms of ranking.

To boost your keyword research skills, you can decide to use available tools. These premium tools give additional data that can help you make the right decision on what keywords to give priority.

Upon a successful keyword research campaign, it becomes easy to know what keywords to use. When deciding which keywords to implement on their sites, adult SEO experts look for things such as CPC, CPV, and the keywords’ monthly SV among other things.

Choose a Simple Domain Name that Readers Can Remember

Whether you are going to build a site on an existing domain, which I’d highly advise, or you are starting from the scratch, go a domain name that is easy to remember.

Do not forget that this is an adult site, something that should be juicy and interesting NOT boring and tedious to memorize.

Going for a short and simple name will be the first step towards building an adult site in the extremely competitive porn industry. With a short domain name, it becomes easy for visitors to bookmark and even share.

If possible, make sure the domain name contains your focus keyword.

It is not a wise idea to introduce many keywords in the domain name. The worst part is when you separate the keywords on the domain name using hyphens.

Website Structure

With all premium adult SEO traits in place, create a porn site structure that will not only impress Google and other search engines but also your clients.

The website structure you choose should be unique – one that identifies your brand alone.

Be careful though! Do not overstretch. Keep your creativity at bay. You are likely to scare your visitors if you come up with a weird structure. For instance, it’d not be okay if you come up with a structure meant for let’s say high stake gambling sites.

The structure you come up with must have the following things among others:

  • Navigable
  • Attractive (nice color ideal for the adult community)
  • User-friendly
  • Light themed
  • Fast
  • Mobile-friendly


You’ve probably heard that ‘content is the king.’ That is true. You can do whatever you want with a site; come up with the best and easy-to-rank keywords, incredible website structure, extremely secure and attractive but without great content, that site is useless.

Remember we are talking about adult content, which should be spicy, juicy, and extremely entertaining. When creating content for a porn site, try as much as you can to be creative, exhaustive, and if anything, real.

People have a popular notion that the porn industry is full of lies. That is not true. Of course, there’s so much exaggeration to spicy up the game but that is the nature of the industry.

Whenever possible, create in-depth long-form content that explains your topic. Do not leave your readers with questions, something that will make them leave your site.

When it comes to pictures and videos, use make them real. Use real figures after obtaining their consent. The images and videos should be able to work perfectly on mobile devices.

If your topic is a guide, something that a user is likely to implement at home, do not jump any step. Make sure you give details in every step, something that can help the reader during implementation.

Let your reader know which step comes after what in a hierarchy post. Don’t mix ideas. Let them flow from the start to the end.

Building Backlinks

A site can grow from scratch without building links but that would take time. But in the world filled with who you know, dictates that you must get out of your comfort zone to create backlinks.

When backlinking, your target should be links emanating from quality and high-authority sites in the adult industry thus do not go for quantity. Currently, there are tools that can help you to gauge the quality and relevancy of the backlinks.

When you finally decide on the sites you link to, vary your linking criteria. You can mix deep linking with link destinations. Apart from those links directed to your homepage, have some of them directed to your site’s relevant pages.

In addition, check the kind of keywords and anchor texts you use for the designated backlinks. The words, phrases or even the keywords you choose must communicate.

It is in this great section that we have emphasized the huge difference between adult sites and other sites in the mainstream. That said; put these 11 prominent tactics in mind when you want to build links for your adult site:

  • Continue to create top-notch content that satisfies user’s intent.
  • Use rich infographics whenever possible.
  • Keep your content updated at all times.
  • Go out of your way to do guest posting.
  • Spread the word about your adult site on your pages.
  • Join and participate in adult site-friendly forums.
  • Start and encourage like-minded meetups and adult-related events.
  • Organize an enticing contest for your clients.
  • Utilize friends, their friends, and affiliates.
  • Do not shy when you suddenly become the ‘talk in your town’.
  • Initiate a backlink hunting campaign, approach your top competitors for a backlink.

SEO Analysis

Conducting an in-depth SEO analysis is not a joke. In fact, it requires you to check your site’s performance on a daily basis. When conducting a thorough SEO analysis for an adult site, there’re three main areas to check.

SEO analysis

The site’s organic traffic—check how many people are visiting your site from what location and using what device.

For instance, if upon doing your probe you realize your desktop traffic is decreasing compared to mobile devices do something to rectify the situation.

Your position on the SERPs and the impressions—see the overall position of your site on the engine and that of individual pages and keywords.

Your backlinks—keep track of the pages you linked to because for one reason or another, the site might be down! Be on the lookout for new partnerships and backlinks.

The following two tools offer rich information when analyzing your site for SEO:

  • Google Search Console (GSC).
  • Google Analytics.


The adult content industry is extremely lucrative and the scramble for the cake is real. That is why, to stay at the top, you need to learn the various tactics for adult SEO to drive traffic to your adult site.

I’m sure, this guide has provided you with the necessary insight to jumpstart your journey to building a robust adult website.

As you embark on that lucrative journey, know that you will be slapped with strict operational guidelines.

However, the beauty with the industry is there are plenty of keywords to tap on. Go therefore, and find those keywords that will drive decent and quality traffic to your adult site.

If you do not fear to  be known as a marketer and promoter of adult content, you will be the next millionaire if not billionaire.


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