Google Working on Indexing Instagram and TikTok Videos

google working on indexing instagram and tiktok videos
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According to the reports, Google Working on Indexing Instagram and TikTok Videos, respectively, on the Google search engine.

Google is in constant touch with Facebook and Bytedance regarding the subject matter. This move is to ensure that the Google search engine can fulfill the traffic for video content.

As we know, Google search results sometimes index YouTube videos related to the searched topic. But to maintain its significance in the video content niche, Google is considering integrating with different social media platforms.

“We help sites make their content discoverable and benefit from being found on Google, and they can choose how or whether their content appears in search.” said a Google spokesperson.

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Indexing Instagram and TikTok Videos

Google had already made a similar deal with Twitter back in 2015. Before 2015 one would not find a particular Twitter post by just searching it on Google search. But now, it is accessible to find a Twitter post by just looking it up on the Google search engine.

Google pays an annual licensing fee to Twitter in return for indexing tweets on the search results.

As of right now, You’re able to see some Instagram and TikTok short video content on Google carousel via a third-party platform. But Google is working to fix this. 

google working on indexing instagram and tiktok videos
Instagram and TikTok

Google has also started testing out the new feature that showed the Tiktok and Instagram short videos in a carousel, just like Youtube videos or shorts in Google search on Mobile.

The search engine roundtable, via Brain Freiesleben’s Tweet, first reported Instagram and TikTok videos in the carousel.

Maybe soon, You’ll be able to see Instagram and Tiktok videos by searching for a particular keyword on the Google search engine.

We don’t have any information about the agreement Google is offering to the platforms. But regardless it will be a huge win for every party in the deal.

Why This Matters

This content-sharing Integration with Google is beneficial to both Instagram and TikTok as it brings more traffic to these platforms from google. It acquires more visibility to the creators as well.

As for Google itself, This Integration will keep Google from losing its traffic by delivering better search results for video content.

In an update, A Google person reached out to the media sites about the subject matter. Regarding video indexing, Google said that the feature is being tested out for different platforms worldwide. Not just for Instagram and Tiktok. 

google indexing
Google Indexing

According to Google, sites can decide whether or not they want to crawl and index their content. 

Google also said they do not prefer any video site over the other. They index videos according to the relevant search result.

Google is constantly working on different partnerships for SEO for better search results. So, Google Working on Indexing Instagram and TikTok Videos is definitely a step in the right direction. Collaborating with fellow competitive platforms has helped Google maintain its position as the most widely used search engine.

While the reports are out there, the content-integration deal is still under discussion between the parties.

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