Valuable Tips For Sites Getting Indexed By John Mueller

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An e-commerce publisher was clarified by Google’s senior webmaster trade analyst Mr. John Mueller regarding why his pages were not being indexed properly.

While answering the publisher’s questions, Mueller gave a few valuable tips and recommended the importance of promotions when it comes to the sites getting indexed. 

google site indexing
Google site indexing

As per John Mueller, Google, at times, needs some encouragement to sites getting indexed. This was when the site’s publisher brought up an important detail of the site that was overlooked or was missed, resulting in the site not being indexed properly.

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A Website Not Being Indexed Properly

The publisher of an e-commerce site explained a situation of no sign of sites getting indexed. He stated that it is an e-commerce website having about 500 product pages and that it is taking a lot of time to get indexed.

He stated that it has around 170 sound and well-founded pages in the search portal. But when a try is being made to access it via (site:), it shows just 4; sometimes luckily, five pages. And this situation is not for a few days; rather, it is the same situation for almost a few months.

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Mueller Advised A Few Diagnostic Tests At First

According to him, if there is a website having around 500 pages out of which only about 100 pages are being indexed, it is probably an indication to the site’s publisher that he can take a few steps for improving the condition.

crawling and indexing
Crawling and indexing

The first advice from him was to check whether the site is crawlable properly or not. In addition to it, he also stated that few website crawling tools even check the crawl-ability of the site for free if the websites are small and that he can make sure of it using those tools.

Difference Between The Results Of (Site:) And Search Engine

John Mueller stated that the number of results shown by site: is basically to give the basic idea of the site. And that they are highly optimized for better performance in terms of speed.

And that is when the numbers of Search engine results come into the limelight; which is for giving a comprehensive idea of the site.

Importance Of Promotion For Site Indexing

As per Muller, the next thing that the publisher can try is to find out ways to promote his website. Also, increasing user interactions by establishing tie-ups with some local commercial bodies.

Who would be interested in sharing a few more details with him? Since it is a commercial website, or by simply buying some advertisements.

google search console
Google search console

All these would make it easier for the Google systems to recognize his website properly and sites getting indexed more.

The Key Part That Was Overlooked

The publisher stated that the search portal showed hundreds of errors related to the sites getting indexed previously. He also cleared the fact that he removed the index tag for the required pages a long time back.

But didn’t do the same for the pages he didn’t require. And yet, it is still failing the validation in Google’s Search Portal.

To this, Mueller stated that the Search Engine is confused. Since he solved the problem partially and that it might be the reason for the problem he is facing regarding his site.

He later added that the transfer from no index to an index might sometimes slow down the indexing process.

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So, that was all regarding sites getting indexed. Hope the information provided by Google’s senior webmaster trade analyst Mr. John Mueller was helpful!

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