Google’s Legacy Structured Data Testing Tool Is Now Gone

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Roughly a year since the former was closed down, an alternative for Google’s legacy structured data testing tool has become accessible. Schema Markup Validator is the alternative for Google’s legacy Structured Data Testing Tool. It is finally available to be utilized in open beta.

structured data testing tool
Google’s legacy structured data testing tool

Google’s legacy structured data testing tool has been substituted with a redesigned directional landing page. This new navigation landing page can send you to two places. It will redirect you either to Google’s rich results test tool or the schema markup validator tool.

The Tool

The latest tool is available as a subcategory on the original webpage. It is not an identical replica of Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool, but still, it functions similarly.

In July 2020, Google took down the previous tool. Google did this by citing that all of its functionality had been transferred to the Rich Results Test. Additionally, it was added that it was no longer required to function as a separate service.

The Rich Results Test

It is confined to evaluating structured data markup that is formally recognized in Google’s search outcomes. Hence, it was not entirely accurate.

Apart from what Google utilizes to create rich results in SERPs, there are numerous other sorts of structured information. The Rich Results Test does not allow you to evaluate or test for this structured information.

The Rich Results Test Tool
The Rich Results Test

After receiving complaints from SEOs about the deletion of the Structured Data Testing Tool, Google opted to resurrect it under a different domain. released its very unique schema markup validator tool,, in May 2021. This was meant to fill the role of Google’s old structured data testing tool.

Apart from the Google rich results testing tool, the markup validator helps you in other ways. It checks structured data on your website that is utilized for common aims. 

Why Did Google Alter Its Mind?

Google first released its structured data testing tool in 2015, followed by the rich results testing tool in 2017. Google declared that it would deconstruct its structured data testing tool. This was done when it pushed the rich results testing product out of beta in July 2020

Google chose to relocate the structured data testing tool from Google’s site to This step was taken after receiving opposition from the industry. then released its own tool in May 2021. This new landing page has taken the place of Google’s original tool.

How does it fare in comparison to the predecessor? Let’s take a closer glance. The tool would be a reinvigorated copy of the classic. Google informed people ahead of schedule.

The Schema Markup Validator has been refocused to only check for attributes.

What Are The Differences Between And Google? 

The rich results testing tool from Google is intended only to provide you structured data schema that Google supports. In contrast, the markup assists you in debugging a wide range of structured data types. It includes more than those authorized by Google. 

Also, when you minus Google feature-specific cautions, the tool evaluates all structured data incorporated in website pages.


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