Google: Increase Discover Traffic with Max Image Preview Tag

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If you have a web store, a website, or blog, you sure want to increase discover traffic to your website. Featuring on the Google Discover pages is currently the best way for it. A simple meta tag can get you going on Discover, increasing your traffic more than any other digital strategy.

increase google discover traffic
Increase Google Discover Traffic

Here is how you can go big and increase your discover traffic with Max Image Preview Tag:- 

Stick Using Large Images

Clickbait-worthy thumbnails have always been a way for many websites and blog owners to lure in visitors. But with Google Discover, larger images seem to be doing a bit better than the conventional thumbnails to increase discover traffic. 

High-quality images, at least 1,200 pixels, with the Max Image Preview tag are enough to grab any visitor’s attention and increase your discover traffic. It also has another descriptive tag explaining the image. The article sure helps draw in people with similar interests. 

How Does The Max Image Preview Tag Increase Discover Traffic?

Google Discover functions by bringing relevant content to people according to their search history, interests, and location. If you regularly look for veg restaurants around you, Discover will show you veg recipes or restaurants articles. As a website or blog owner, you can use this to gain more visibility amongst people who can be your target audience

And, this is where you use your Max Image Preview tag. It is a meta tag that helps increase discover traffic or Click-through-rate to your website. As a result, it directs Google to show your chosen image size.

You need to just set the tag on the largest, most click-worthy image on your blog. Hence, you stand out for greater click-through rates and increase your discover traffic. 

increase google discover traffic
Increase Click-through Rates

Consequently, you get an alternative source of traffic for your website as opposed to search queries. As your page is already featured in Discover, an attention-grabbing image can increase your clicks to 300% in six months and thus increase discover traffic.

Ensuring That Your Tag Works Well

Another thing that can help your Max Image Preview tag work more efficiently is the Google Discover format. Begin by making your website or blog page mobile-friendly. Discover is predominantly a mobile feature, and it demands that your website runs smoothly on mobile devices. 

Use The Tag Today and Increase Discover Traffic!

In order to use the tag and increase your discover traffic, follow the given steps.

Google Settings To Be Accessed:

  • “none: No image preview is to be shown.
  • Standard: A default image preview may be shown.
  • large: A larger image preview, up to the width of the viewport, may be shown.”

When you apply the <meta name=”robots” content=”max-image-preview:large”> tag, you access the above written settings. Always select ‘large’ as per Google for the best click-through impressions. Otherwise, Google resorts to previewing your default image. 

Best of Both Worlds

Featuring on the Discover page is exciting enough. But, if you manage to multiply your web impressions using the opportunity, all the better. The generous 79% increase by using the meta tag in the case study is enough indication of the tag’s usefulness. 

multiply your web impressions
Multiply Your Web Impressions

The Max Image Preview tag is helping reshape the digital strategies of many websites. The simple and easy addition of the tag to your blog can also help you increase your discover traffic!

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