Top 10 Guest Post Formats: How to Choose the Best One for You 

Guest Post Formats
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Guest Posting is an eminent way to increase backlinks, elevate your rank, and establish yourself to a bigger audience. 

Writing for other’s websites can strengthen your connections and enhance your credibility in the SEO landscape. Furthermore, it exposes you to a vast audience, potentially increasing your website’s organic traffic. 

Writing guest posts in an ideal format is essential to increase your chances of successful pitchings. Providing value through quality content and a befitting format is the key to successful and rewarding guest posting. 

From Influencer Collaboration to Skyscraper Technique, let’s discuss the best guest post formats to get you started. 

10 Types of Guest Posting 

Guest Posting has various dimensions. From people wanting to start guest posting to seasonal bloggers and writers, everyone will benefit from gaining insights into the different types of guest posting and guest post formats.

Let’s discuss the guest post formats that will substantially elevate your writing. 

Skyscraper Technique 

Skyscraper is a qualitative approach to content creation and search engine optimization. It entails researching and analyzing the content of your niche’s competitors and creating better content than them. This helps you gain backlinks, as improvised content will receive significantly more backlinks and perform better. 

Skyscraper Technique 

You can create valuable content by making it more concise and informative, creating up-to-date content, using more reliable citations and sources, using graphics and media, and, subsequently, many more. 

The skyscraper technique is a brilliant way to boost your SEO ranking and increase backlinks. This can help you gain a competitive edge in your niche. Moreover, it is the key to successful guest post pitches. This will lead you to publish your blogs on the most authoritative websites, establishing your business higher. 

Another interesting fact about the skyscraper technique is that it will allow you to obtain links previously acquired by your competitors. The trick is to create better-quality, more comprehensive content than your competitors and pitch it.

This encourages you to create researched quality content and provides value to your targeted audience. 

Round-Up Posts

A roundup post aggregates expert content or opinions on a specific area or niche. Round-up posts can be a great way to attract readers, build authority, and increase shares. 

There are essentially 2 types of round-up posts:

  • Expert Round-Up Posts

Expert Round-Up Posts aggregate advice, opinions, and information from experts in your field who contribute directly to the content. 

This allows you to create high-quality content, thanks to the expertise and experience of the professionals. 

Moreover, along with high-quality content, this has vast benefits. It brings organic traffic to your website, backlinks and referrals from professionals who contributed to the post, authority in your sphere, marketing to a huge audience, and a sense of credibility and reliability as readers engage where they see trusted sources and experts. 

Expert roundup posts are among the best guest post formats for experts and the publishing website. They’re a great way to attract an audience, build backlinks, and connect with high-authority people and organizations. 

  • Content Round-Up Posts 

Content Round-Up Posts is also an aggregate of quality content, the difference is here it’s a list of sources to other platforms.  

This is also a fantastic way to gain links and build connections to other businesses in your niche. This guest post format deals with concisely and comprehensively curating content from many sources. 

This format provides valuable content to the readers and is a brilliant way to keep them engaged and provide value. 

Influencer Collaboration 

Influencer Marketing is at the forefront of the digital marketing sphere today. Everyone, from brands to organizations, is partnering with influencers to reach a wider audience as the public’s interest has been pivoting. 

Collaborating with established influential figures who can promote your niche is a great idea for guest posting. Finding common ground for the type of content you can promote with an influencer can create a valuable marketing strategy among the audience, significantly enhancing your visibility in your niche.  

Influential figures can also be established bloggers. Collaborating with them leverages their reach, influence, and impact. This is a brilliant way to promote a blog, as it creates more trust in the audience. 

Collaborating with influencers will increase your readers and traffic. The Influencer digital marketing sector is growing daily, leveraging the audience’s trust, community, and interest.

Co-Authored Posts

Co-authoring a blog post with someone is a great way to start with guest posting. Your co-author’s knowledge, content, audience reach, and work ethic benefit you. This also gives you insights into how guest posting works and what are the technical aspects. 

Co-Authored Posts

This is a brilliant way to amalgamate different ideas, content, and insights in a way that makes sense and provides value to the readers. 

If you’re an amateur at guest posting and want to get started, Co-Authored posts are for you. Subsequently, they’re also a great way to leverage your potential and knowledge about your niche in the best way possible, even if you’re an experienced blogger. 

Local Guest Posting

Local Guest Posting is a format that allows you to leverage your locality’s audience and your connections. 

Local guest blogging entails writing and publishing articles on local blogs or websites. This boosts your local link-building, encourages connections and relationships, and, most importantly, evokes a sense of trust and authority in your audience’s mind. 

This allows you to explore guest blogging opportunities in your locality and network with other social media professionals/experts in your area or expertise. 

You must join local groups, forums, and communities from your area and watch for collaborations. Reach out to reliable authorities in your locality to start with guest posting. 

Case Studies

Writing case studies is one of the best ways to provide value to your audience or to the websites you write for.

When you write case studies, you provide comprehensive insights into real-life situations and events. Audiences benefit from the quality of information, thorough analysis, and details that might have never occurred. 

Furthermore, proper sources and quotations build reliance and trust in you as a writer. People relate to and connect with real-life situations; hence, writing case studies drives readers to your work. 

As a guest writer, remember to give critical insights, data, and proper analysis with updated information and dates. This will not only improve the quality of your work but also increase the trust of the audience. 

Case Studies substantially increase the interest of the audience. As the real-world settings and events intrigue them. Appealingly presenting these studies can increase the traffic by a leap.  

List Posts

List Posts, popularly known as Listicles, are written in a list format and cover a wide spectrum of topics. 

You can write about anything from the Top 10 places to visit in Michigan to The top-ranking universities to pursue Business Administration. A reason why listicles are so popular is their condensed and concise nature. They provide valuable information in short points, making reading more accessible. 

You can create a simple or expanded list with more information or a “Top X” list.

Listicles attract the reader’s eye in an instant. They’re one of the best guest post formats for displaying your content and information in the best way possible. This is a great way to provide valuable information with enhanced readability. 

With valuable content from trusted sources and citations, pitching for guest posting becomes easier and increases your chances of success. To start writing about your niche, you should give listicles a go. They are less time-consuming to write, easier to read, more accessible to comprehend, and aesthetically pleasing. 

Breaking down chunks of information into categories and lists attracts many leaders and domains. Presenting complex data into a comprehensive list clearly and concisely is a skill every writer should possess. 

Guest Interviews 

Interviews are a fantastic tool for attracting audiences. They provide them with insights into talks, theories, conversations, and information from industry leaders and experts. 

Guest Post Formats

Writing about guest interviews is a fun way to combine information and storytelling. It captures the fluidity of conversations while providing vital information and answers to questions about niche. 

Readers find interviews to be precious. They tune in quickly if they find a guest interview with an expert in their niche. This allows audiences to learn more about vital information and the wisdom of the professionals. 

This is a great format to follow and provides quality content, information, and insights from established people, businesses, or experts.

If you can reach out to relevant people to your niche and business, request them to participate in an interview where you ask well-written questions. They also introduce you to new ideas, perspectives, and ways of thinking. 

Subsequently, you can interview multiple people, allowing you to create informative posts with exciting dynamics. Furthermore, this guest post format can improve your link-building and SEO ranking and is excellent for building connections. 

Guest Reviews 

Reviewing has become an emerging trend in today’s tech-savvy world. The flourishing culture of reviews has covered every niche.

Writing reviews is an excellent way to start up with guest posting. This guest post formats entails reviewing products/goods/services. 

Providing readers with legitimate reviews about products or services relevant to you and your business is a huge opportunity to connect with the audience. 

Reviewing is essential today in every niche and category, from finance to skincare, business to sports, culinary arts, or agriculture. Through guest posting, you can provide valuable information to various audiences. 

Create your article about your unbiased reviews and pitch it to relevant domains. This is a brilliant idea to get started with guest posting.


Infographics entails information in the form of graphics. Audiences and businesses are attracted to clear, concise, and comprehensive visual details that can quickly deliver vast data. 

Using infographics helps you communicate information easily and quickly. Everybody is looking for easy and quick communication. With the help of patterns and charts, you can do just that. 

Infographics are an appealing format to follow when pitching your work to hosting websites. Every business needs infographics, so this might as well be the best option to pursue.

Does one need to be a designer to create infographics? The simple answer is no, you don’t. You need to be observant and analytical. People without professional design skills can easily create infographics. Data visualization is an essential tool, appealing to a broad spectrum of niches and areas.

You can use your expertise in your area of interest to your advantage and create visually appealing and comprehensive infographics. This is one of the most highly valued content out there. Using these can give you a cutting-edge among your competitors.

Infographics are everywhere, from traffic signs to economic calendars to weather charts and analytics. 

Guest Webinars

Webinars have prevailed in today’s digital world. They leverage the internet’s ability to connect with people worldwide. 

You can both conduct webinars and promote your upcoming webinars on websites. Webinars are incredibly informative and detail-oriented. You can utilize your skills, knowledge, and experience to conduct guest webinars for your hosts. This way, you can provide value and quality content in a webinar format different from written blogs. 


Reaching out to relevant host domains allows you exposure to the targeted audience of your niche. You can connect to a whole new number of people in your area of expertise. This is also a fantastic way to build your links and boost your rankings and connections with people in your field of interest. 

Webinars allow you to incorporate media, visuals, animations, and the ability to connect with your viewers in real-time. There are various types of webinars. You can utilize them for business promotions, education, branding, or even product demonstrations—endless possibilities. 

Choosing the Right Guest Posting Type 

As illustrated above, there are various guest posts, each serving a unique purpose. It’s essential to consider these formats and types before you start with guest posting, as following them can give your work a professional touch. 

Guest Post Writing is a vast venture; keeping these things in mind can accelerate your growth. 

If you’re writing about something in chronological order, a list, or rankings from trusted sources, go with listicles. 

Infographics are an excellent option for representing complex data by simplifying it for the audience. This is especially true if your area of interest is finance or business analytics. 

Once in a while, when you encounter professionals from your same niche, request an interview. This will help you generate quality content easily and bring additional traffic, backlinks, and connections. Utilize the audience’s interest in getting insights by interviewing guest post format. Add a storytelling touch to your blog for fluidity.

Bloggers keen on reviewing things should opt for guest review writing. Leverage your writing skills and pitch your review articles to relevant domains. 

Co-authored posts are another great way to provide quality content to the audiences and encourage the amalgamation of visions, perspectives, and insights from individuals in the same niche. 


Guest writing is an excellent venture for writers that benefits both the host and the writer. With your expertise and valuable insights, you can leverage the reach and influence of host domains. 

Guest post formats are an essential aspect to consider here. It’s easy to get overwhelmed in this vast landscape of guest writing; choosing the correct niche to a suitable host domain is a lot of work. 

Thus, it’s vital to thoroughly research your topic, the suitable writing format, and a domain that is relevant and beneficial to you. 

Writing in the proper format helps you become a polished writer, increasing your chances of successful pitchings. It also significantly boosts your SEO ranking, establishes your online presence, and builds genuine connections through your work. 


How do you write a guest post?

A guest post is written according to the format and guidelines of your host domain. Reach out to relevant domains from your niche that offer guest posting opportunities. You can reach them via mail or on their website.

How to write a good guest post?

A good guest post encompasses a proper format and quality data. Do extensive research, utilize your knowledge and expertise, and create a post concerning the guidelines of your host domain.

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