How to Discover Captivating Subjects for Your Guest Articles

how to choose topics for guest post articles
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Nothing is more important than having the perfect pitch when making a guest post. For the receiver of your pitch to pick your proposal over the others, you need to shine and do something unique. This is why you should know how to choose topics for guest post articles. 

This is a relatively easy job if you pitch your ideas right, study your audience, and align your topics with the website and the audience’s needs and demands of what you specialize in. This does not mean you do everything that they want. You must align your interests with theirs so that you, the parties, can benefit from the post. 

Guest posting requires some essential tips and tricks that you, as a writer, should know to succeed with your pitches. So, here is your guide on choosing topics for guest post articles. 

Why Have a Captivating Subject?

The subject you pick for your guest post is the first point of contact between you and the readers. It defines and decides whether the reader will continue on your page or move forward. Hence, an engaging topic or subject line becomes highly crucial. 

how to choose topics for guest post articles

It grabs the audience’s attention. A compelling topic makes the reader stay and draws their attention. This way, your post will also be noticed by a larger audience. 

Moreover, a captivating subject will also encourage clicks for your blog. If the top line you pick is very catchy and intriguing for a general audience and not just for a bunch of people, then there is a high chance of you gaining a lot of clicks on your blog. 

With a well-articulated topic, the audience is supposed to have reasonable expectations from whatever is on the other side of the link. Hence, setting expectations for the readers is very important when picking an excellent guest to post an article’s subject line. This way, you attract an interested audience and increase your page’s traffic. 

Enhanced SEO is one of the central objectives of anything posted online. A good topic helps you pick keywords. You must ensure the subject you choose has keywords that work in the readers’ best interest. This will increase your visibility from Google searches and attract organic traffic. 

To create a captivating subject, you must be clear and concise about your topic and communicate your thoughts well. You must also use numbers, incorporate power words such as “proven” or “exclusive,” and ask questions. Engaging questions increases readers’ curiosity, making it essential to keep the audience interested in the blog. 

Hence, you can create a captivating subject to keep your audience engaged. This will help you increase your reach and look for newer guest posting opportunities. 

Choosing a Captivating Subject

You should understand the concept of guest posts before figuring out your post’s topic. 

You must know what a guest post is and what the whole point behind this post is. A guest post should bring some assets to both parties, including you and the website you are writing for. 

Cater to their audience while attracting your target audience as well. This will bring in standard traffic for both parties involved. 

Through your guest post, choose a subject that captivates a vast audience. Pick something that is not general; it should be something that caters to an outsider writing on a website that is alien to them. 

Multiple recommendations tell you how to choose topics for guest post articles. These include:

Identify Your Goals

Before brainstorming ideas for your post, you must have a clear picture. This is a prerequisite for knowing what you want or expect from this post. 


If you plan on making a post, you definitely expect to generate some benefits out of it; there is a goal that you are trying to achieve. Knowing this goal makes it easier for you to pick a topic. 

Your goals may vary from your current position. You might be trying to increase your visibility and establish authority, or you might even be trying to generate some leads and promote something of your own. 

You can decide your topic’s structure, tone, or angle depending on your goal. 

For example, if you are looking for a potential client for your business, you must write a blog articulating your skills and expertise and what you bring to the table. You can also provide them with samples and some statistics that showcase why you are what they need. 

Awareness of your goals and seeking visibility through your niche makes creating a pitch easier. This is where your strength lies; hence, you could never go wrong with it!

Hence, intertwine and align your and the receiver’s goals to develop the perfect topic. 

Know Your Audience

Be it a guest post, an Instagram post, or any basic advertisement, knowing your audience is a central part of it all. As a blogger, you must know who you write for and what they want from you. 

Understand their interests, their goals, challenges, and their preferences. Your host audience is the ones who decide whether you will achieve success out of your post or not. They are the consumers of what you are producing as texts.

Your blog host will only want you to write for them if they think you can cater to their regular traffic. Now, the bug question is how you can do this.

This can be done by picking their minds. Visit their past blogs, newsletters, and other areas, such as social media posts. Also, try to engage directly with them to understand their expectations. 

Or, to make it even more accurate and exciting, you can get in touch directly with the audience and know what they might be looking for. Start an online poll or do a question and answer with them so they can tell you what suits their interests. This way, you get direct answers about what to write.  

Also, make sure that the audience you will be writing for and the audience you already write for are in the same niche. Or, at least, they should all be interconnected in some way. 

Understand the people’s queries through the host’s website, their desires, and the challenges they are looking for answers to.  Respond to these, not by sharing basic answers to their questions. Be transformative, give them insights, and make them look at the bigger picture. 

Hence, pick your audience’s mind and know them more closely. This is the best way to pick the right subject for your blog.

Analyze the Guest Blog

While the best way of picking on your audience is to interact with them, you must also do what the host blog expects. You need to know what your editor might be looking for or what the receiver of the pitch needs. So, visit the host’s website and analyze it thoroughly to understand what it stands for and how it works. 

But these goals don’t have to align with just them. Your goal should be aligned with the objectives of the host and the audience. Hence, sometimes creating a guest post is not a two, but a three-party thing. 

Go through the website, check out their niche, and try to pick the brains of their current writers and editors. Refine what they have already done while intertwining it with what you do.  

Pick a topic that connects with your general analysis of the blog.

Market and Competitor Research

Market and Competitor research will help you find the right content. They allow you to create content that resonates with your profile. 

Market and Competitor Research

Market research can be done quickly by following some basic rules. 

Firstly, make sure to identify your key competitors, direct or indirect. This helps you generate well-researched content. Once you analyze their content, you must research their backlink profiles. You can use backlink tools such as Ahrefs and Moz to do so. With this, you get a basic understanding of their outreach strategy and are ready to go with the market research.

Keep up with Industry trends.

Having some basic knowledge of the industry you are targeting is important. This way, you will know what the area is currently demanding. 

Follow essential industry-related news and publications. Start subscribing to newsletters and reading related journals. Learn more about your audience’s interests by actually participating in similar activities. 

Engagement with related leaders and influencers. Try to get in touch with people with a high reach who can help you gain visibility in this industry and mentor you. Collaborate with them to make people aware of your work’s existence. 

Lastly, start participating in industry-related events such as seminars or webinars, where you can meet industry experts and share your thoughts with them.

Work on Evergreen Content

One of the best guest posting strategies is to pick a subject that is captivating to a larger audience. Make sure to choose something that caters not just to a specific group of people but to everyone or as many people as possible. 

When we say that your content must be evergreen, it does not mean just in terms of the audience. It also means you must ensure your subject line isn’t outdated. You must pick something that will be relevant even a year down the line. 

These should be topics that must be consistently useful and helpful to people. 

The best way to do this is to work with SEO and conduct a thorough keyword search using different tools.

Also, pick topics that are core to the given industry. These are topics that everyone is looking for and are always relevant and never stand a chance of going out of fashion. These should be answers that people are always looking for. 

Lastly, once the topic is chosen, it will always be relevant; once it goes live, you must take care of certain things. For most of the part, you have to ensure that your content is regularly updated with changing industry tactics and refrain from using any specific dates that might make your work look obsolete. 

Measuring Success and Refining Approach

Monitor your success rate and adjust accordingly to ensure your content resonates with your audience’s needs

Monitor your success rate


Do so by first tracking the key metrics. This can be done by monitoring the traffic and the number of visitors within a given time frame and checking their engagement with your blog. Also, count your backlinks and be active in comments, constantly replying and interacting with people. 

Use analytical tools provided by Google or other private tools that help you monitor the backlinks and give you the keyword rankings. Track your engagement platforms, such as referrals and engagement metrics. 

Lastly, remember to take feedback and be optimistic about it. Feedback helps you make alterations and rectify them in the future. Moreover, when an audience member looks at you and takes your feedback, they gain a certain level of trust in you as a blogger.

To refine your approach, analyze the top-performing content, experiment with different formats, and stay updated with the latest trends. 


Guest blogging is not easy. It is tedious and can be tiring at times. But with the right strategies, everything can be made much more accessible. With experience, the process starts becoming much more manageable. 

However, the first step will always be to find the right topic. Here’s how to choose topics for guest post articles. 

Choosing topics for guest post articles and captivating the audience is central to the process. The topic decides whether the visitor will even open the link to the blog. Hence, catering to the audience’s interests is exceptionally crucial. 

So, understand your audience, grab their eye, know your competitors, and understand the backlinks. 

A captivating subject is the endgame for all your work!

FAQs (How to Choose Topics for Guest Post Articles)

How to choose a topic for a blog post?

The best way to choose a good topic for your post is to research your competitors and cater to the target audience. To do so, surf online and gain a thorough understanding of what they expect from the current market.

How do you write a guest post article?

It is crucial to follow some basic steps to write a guest post article. Make sure to follow the guidelines that your host website gives you. If not, visit their page and try to frame your blog according to what they generally do. Avoid replicating common ideas and try to come up with something more unique.

How to find guest posting opportunities?

To look for guest posting opportunities, you need to do some research. Start by simply searching 'guest post' on one of your browsers. You might find a list of guest posting opportunities online.

How to find trending topics for blogs?

The most basic way of looking for trending topics is by thoroughly searching the keywords. After this, you must use specific trend-watching tools and be self-aware of the most recent social media trends. Lastly, analyze your competitors and use SEO techniques as much as possible. They are the best way to put forward good SEO content.

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