How To Deal With Duplicate Content At Enterprise Scale

Duplicate Content At Enterprise Scale
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Duplicate content at an enterprise scale can stymie SEO efforts and hinder your research methodology from achieving its objectives. It is pretty inconvenient for viewers, leading to online services like Google recognizing alternative material as the superior option. Web browsers may exclude sites from search rankings and retain pages that aren’t necessary for your website to be rated highly.

duplicate content
duplicate content


Enterprise websites have various obstacles with hundreds of web pages, goods, activities, regions, or controlled material. The astonishing thing is that there are particular methods for dealing with duplicate content at an enterprise scale.

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How To Deal With Duplicate Content At Enterprise Scale

Duplicate content is a common barrier to search engine optimization efficiency, and it might prevent your search strategy from accomplishing specific goals.

search engine optimization efficiency
search engine optimization efficiency

The good news is that following are particular approaches to dealing with the duplicate content material on a large scale.

            1. Usage Standards For Content

Suppose you possess or generate content and have someone else market, distribute, or license your items and/or services. In such a case, you should maintain as much authority over the material as feasible.

You’ll require regulations governing which material may be utilized and can’t if you want your website to preserve its credibility and prominence. In certain circumstances, crediting requires rules or norms.

            2. Maintaining Control

Find out what information on your webpage is being copied from page to page and on other websites. There are numerous beautiful resources for identifying and flagging duplicate content among SEO tool suites and independent solutions.

            3. Dynamic Variable Tags

Hundreds of pages are common on enterprise-level websites. It’s critical to build a dynamic collection of tags for huge retail sites, lead generation sites, and customized web pages. These should contain blog entries, technological specifications, and huge segments and libraries of user-centric material.

Employ dynamic tagging and variables to adjust the value of tags and headers. This is so that they are as appropriate and particular to the page’s content as feasible.

             4. Examine The Material Of The Template As A Whole.

More the headers, footer, as well as other introductory body text you include on every tab, the more distinctive material you’ll require. It is critical to follow the recommended practice of maintaining no more than 20% duplicate content on each page.

             5. Scalable Copy

Collaborate with content providers, copy editors, UX designers, and programmers to come up with original text and material for every site. This is the most challenging technique for organizations to modify or avoid duplicate content. It can take a long duration and be hard to emulate to scale.

             6. User-Generated Content 

We advocate exploring methods to integrate user-generated material in addition to scaling content inside internal capabilities.

This might involve adding comments, recommendations, FAQs, blogs, and other information. It would offset the duplication of content from page to page and create a fresh, distinct copy on that specific topic. This could even help the company to expand with less internal staff.


Content management and planning on a company’s website pose distinct issues. The issues are with the magnitude, complexity, and breadth of affiliated organizations or groups authorized to access the exact text.

You may reduce the quantity of the same material. You can handle it in methods that offer you power over sites that generate value by using dynamic, technological, and copy-based scaling tactics.

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