How To Get Quality Backlinks – Ways That Really Work

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Getting backlinks from reputable websites is essential to the success of every web business. The concept of backlinks is simple – when others share your work on their websites, you earn a backlink. They are links leading to your website from another well-known website. Getting quality backlinks can be a bit of a hassle, but we have you covered with solutions that really work –

Craft High-Quality Content

Stand out with your content, and make it tremendously helpful to everyone who reads it. Improving sentence readability helps too. Address real issues, provide solutions, or tell the most compelling stories.

high quality content
High Quality Content

Consider this: If the information on your website benefits readers, why wouldn’t they share your site with others?

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Utilize Infographics To Gain Backlinks

Infographics convey information through easy-to-understand graphics. Create one yourself or hire professional data visualizers from Fiverr or Upwork, costing between $100 and $300. After you have an infographic on an intriguing subject, locate a website or author that covers the same subject. Publish the infographic on your website, create an embed code and promote the infographic. Reach out to authors for sites like Medium, Mashable, and Lifehacker, as they surely require relevant infographics the most.

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Testimonials In Exchange For Backlinks

Give insightful testimonials and reviews for the products and services you stand by. For example, consider that the individual who developed your website also has a website. If you were happy with the service, reach out to them about providing a testimonial for them. They will appreciate it and most likely put your testimonial on their homepage with an authoritative link to your site.

Establish Your Brand

Creating good content isn’t enough; you must also market it and establish a reputation for site reliability. Organize or attend events about a topic and be well-known in your niche to establish instant brand awareness.

establish your brand
Establish your Brand

Market your site with a consistent and top-notch social media strategy. Use Google My Business to make your business verified and rank significantly higher in local searches.

Help A Reporter Out

HARO is a website that assists journalists in finding comments and information from expert registered sources. Register yourself as a source, and answer relevant queries you are experienced in. The queries may come from big-name media outlets like Forbes or the New York Times.

help a reporter out
Help a Reporter out

When you provide an insightful query, the journalist will cite you with your name and a backlink to your site. Remember that you will not earn a citation unless your response is used.

Internal Backlinks

A simple concept, internal backlinks refer to links from a website to other pages of the same website. You completely control this SEO tactic by utilizing your website to give your web page authority. When writing about a subject you’ve already covered before, create a hyperlink via words linking the two pages. As a linking medium, you may also link relevant infographics or photographs from your other web pages.

Following these steps, you will have established credibility and trustworthiness for your web business. 

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