How we Dominated Top 5 SPOTS IN SERPs for Social Media Niche – SEO Case Study

Rank niche keywords - SEO case study
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We ranked consistently in the top 5 positions in the social media niche with high competition. 

How did we manage to do that?

Continue reading, and I’ll walk you through the entire plan step by step!

There is no alternative for getting the fundamentals of SEO right, so our main goal was to boost ranks by optimizing user experience and getting more traffic by posting quality content and building premium links.

That needed us to: 

  •  Evaluate And audit the website;
  •  Boost website speed; 
  • Optimize on-site content;
  • Make the website mobile-friendly.
  • Fix technical challenges
  • Post consistent and authentic content 
  • Build high-quality inbound links
  • Get links from authority sites.

Our client was surprised to see that the site already received 48K visitors per month. Their blog posts were generating great traffic and gaining natural links. Everything just seemed perfectly fine.

Keyword research is the strategy that made us really stand out, It is simpler to identify the searcher’s intent and to serve up the content that they are likely looking for when the keyword is more specific (consider long-tail keywords). In search marketing, “intent” refers to our best estimation of what the person who made the search query actually desired.

This marketplace is fiercely competitive, with many well-known brands competing for keywords on large budgets.

All of which have speedy websites with clear content and user-friendly user interfaces.

And none of that was published on our website.

There was total disorder. 

  • Illogical site structure (particularly concerning URLs!)
  • Insufficiently optimized content 
  • Persistent technical problems
  • Mobile optimization is missing
  • Negative backlinks from unrelated websites

When you simply concentrate on link building and disregard the fundamentals of SEO, this is what follows.

To overcome these obstacles and ensure that we were building our castle on rock rather than sand, we had to:

  • Conduct a technical SEO audit.
  • Correct all the issues we identified

Side Note – It is possible to rank for a keyword in an organic search. Even if you’re a new website attempting to rank for a popular keyword, you won’t always get the results you want, but if you take content marketing and SEO seriously, you can start to see results. Sales, traffic, rankings, and whatnot!

 3 Timeless SEO Strategies That We Implemented

Make Your Technical SEO Powerful

We carried out a website SEO audit. We were able to find problems as well as opportunities for growth by doing an SEO audit.

We took use of this chance to develop a sound website structure. Our group sought to increase the speed at which their pages loaded, get rid of duplicate content, and enhance internal linking.

Make excellent content

After choosing a few main keywords, we looked for keywords that their competitors were ranking for. After narrowing down the list of target keywords, we concentrated on developing a content strategy around them.

We concentrated on producing relevant content because the website he was working on related to the social media niche.

Strengthen Link Building

According to us, backlinks can double a website’s traffic by ten. On very significant and relevant websites, we published excellent content. The website’s referring domains climbed drastically from 27X to 374X with just link building.

Our strategies for link building are exceptional, just like our results:

  • We got in touch with websites that were linked to those of their competitors. The plan was to contact websites that have previously linked to similar content in the hopes that they would do so once more.
  • We contacted publishers who put together weekly roundups. Weekly roundup posts aggregate and publish the week’s greatest content in a single article. 
  • You can get in touch with these publishers and request that they add your article to the list.  
  • You should look for websites that link to and advertise the top websites in your area. You can ask them to link to your article as well.

The real action begins right here. Execution of our plan. We didn’t rush any of these processes, but this one is very crucial. Search engines are increasingly seeking for high-quality content that helps the searcher rather than keyword-packed spam or pages stuffed with advertisements that solely serve your interests. . Our mantra should be “SEO isn’t simple.”


If you want quick results with Google, this needs to be a strategy that you implement as you bring on new SEO clients or are looking to move the needle on your current clients.

If you create the right content and then promote it with links, your pages will rank.

Here are the results that speak louder than us, we consistently helped our client to stay in top positions for the keywords we targetted i.e Instagram followers, Instagram likes, and other relevant keywords.

Keyword – Buy Instagram likes

From #08 to #04


Keyword – Best way to buy Instagram likes in 2022

From #70 to #17

Keyword – Buy real Instagram likes

From #05 to #03

Keyword – Buying real Instagram likes

From #11 to #05

Keyword – Buy real likes on Instagram

From #07 to #03

Keyword – Real organic Instagram likes

From #16 to #06

Keyword – Get real followers on Instagram

From #29 to #15

Keyword – Instant followers for Instagram

From #12 to #09

Keyword – Real organic Instagram likes

From #16 to #06


There you have it, then.

That is how, by merely concentrating on the SEO basics, you can increase organic search traffic in a saturated niche by a factor of three.

It isn’t complex science. Just stick to our simple, three-step SEO strategy:

Create a reasonable and healthy website structure using technical SEO.

Content: Recognize the requirements of your users and cater to them

Build links by acquiring relevant ones.

We’re done Here! This is the approach we use to rank for a big number of search keywords. Whatever your industry, you can adapt the same method to your condition. Hence, START NOW!

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