Improve Low-Quality Content And Get Good Rankings On Google

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Not Getting Good Rankings? Here is What You Can Do About Low-Quality Content.

The world of content marketing has changed a lot thanks to Google focusing on better search results. Previously, you would get some search engine traffic even if you didn’t have a good website. In fact, the presence of some low-quality content did not matter at all.

google rankings
Google rankings

But with the latest algorithm updates of Google, good ranking of a website depends on the user’s quality and satisfaction. Webmasters must know how to deal with low-quality content.

Does Old Content Means Poor Quality?

Search advocate of Google, John Mueller, was once asked by a person whether old articles are considered bad articles. He also asked whether he should remove the low-quality articles.

John Mueller replied that no content becomes bad if it becomes old. He also said that as long as someone believes that something is good content, he/she should keep it. If you feel that your content is embarrassing for you, you can either delete or improve it.

What Can You Call Low-Quality Content?

If you have a blog and you see that a lot has reduced your rankings, it can be considered low-quality content. Here are the things you need to check to call your content low-quality.

  1. Most of your content is outdated and needs to be updated or deleted.
  2. You could not provide good internal links. It is crucial to provide good internal links so that Google’s Penguin algorithm can rank your site better.
  3. Most of your internal links are broken or useless.
  4. Your website is not properly optimized, and visitors are not satisfied.
low-quality content
low-quality content

Can You Make Your Content Better?

When dealing with low-quality content on your site, a question arises that whether you should improve your content or delete it.

If the content is based on topics that are currently out of date, like fax machines, old mobile phones, etc., then you will need to delete them as no one will read them even if you improve it.

If you have a website containing content like tech guides, geographical info, current affairs, etc., you can improve it. But remember that you need to put in a lot of creativity and hard work. You also need to strictly follow Google’s guidelines.

If you don’t want to delete your old content, you can make a new vlog with a similar topic and updated content. Add a link to the updated blog in the old one. That way, if someone visits your older blog, you can redirect them to the newer one.

You can call this one of the easiest ways to manage low-quality content and get good rankings. Google focuses more on the user’s satisfaction when it comes to ranking websites in search engines.

So, you should optimize your website as well so that it can load faster and can be more stable. You must put yourself in the reader’s shoes and write your content accordingly.

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