IndexNow Enables Data Sharing Between Search Engines

indexnow enables data sharing
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The upgraded IndexNow Protocol now has the capability to distribute data between search engines immediately.

Microsoft aims to make the implementation of the IndexNow Protocol straightforward by making sure that the URLs which are submitted get distributed among search engines simultaneously.

Launched in October 2021, IndexNow serves as a solution for indexing and updating a website’s content in search engines quicker.

The IndexNow Protocol

It makes sure that any IndexNow supported search engine shares every submitted URL to related search engines immediately.

It means that the webmasters simply need to report a single API endpoint. And all other search engines that IndexNow supports will get the URLs co-sharing among them.

Not only does this saves a content publisher’s time and effort, but it also provides assistance to search engines in their effort to discover content, thus increasing the efficiency of the web altogether.


Currently, Microsoft Bing has started distributing URLs from IndexNow to Yandex and the other way around. Other search engines will soon follow this by building the required infrastructure.

All search engines implementing the IndexNow Protocol should come into agreement to automatically share all submitted URLs among each other.

Microsoft Bing Webmaster Tools team stated in the announcement that the IndexNow protocol would help the whole search sector in faster indexing of their content while utilizing a small number of resources. Early acceptance of IndexNow can assist businesses in conveying information timely to their clients over search engines. And enjoy the advantage of being in the lead of the curve.

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IndexNow will continuously upgrade as more websites adopt it. The main objective of IndexNow is the maximization of search engine indexing, crawl load management optimization, and fresh content delivery to searchers.

Made by Microsoft and Yandex, the open-source IndexNow protocol is accessible by every search engine.

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