Yoast SEO Offers Keyword Position Tracking With Wincher Integration

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Yoast SEO customers will be able to monitor their SEO rankings for up to 10,000 keywords thanks to a partnership with Wincher. Users will be able to check keyword ranking places for their WordPress sites thanks to a partnership between Yoast SEO and Wincher.

Both free and premium paying users will be able to analyze keyword positions, while a Wincher premium account will enable you to track substantially more terms. Even if you just have access to the free edition of Yoast SEO, you can still gain from this new Wincher integration without purchasing either service.

This connection allows you to watch the effectiveness of keywords and evaluate the progression of their optimizations if you have the Yoast SEO plugin loaded on your WordPress site.

yoast keyword position tracking
yoast keyword position tracking

When you combine the two pieces of data, you’ll have even more information to help you rise faster in organic search. Here’s more on what you can accomplish with Yoast SEO thanks to the Wincher connection, as well as the numerous features offered to free and premium users.

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What Does Wincher Do For Yoast SEO?

With Yoast SEO and the Wincher connection, you’ll be able to see where your content ranks for target keywords.


It will provide you with information about your own ranks as well as which opponents are ranking higher than you—understanding where your content ranks in Google might help you focus your efforts on content optimization.

You’ll obviously have a better idea of which sites are performing well and which ones could use some improvement. Yoast SEO’s dashboard can help you keep track of all your keyword rankings in one spot, with graphs showing how they’ve changed over time.

What Are The Variations Between Free And Paid Plans?

Wincher and Yoast SEO both have free and premium plans.

You can get the most from this integration if you pay for both, but you can still receive restricted access without paying anything.

variations between free and paid plans
variations between free and paid plans

The following are the capabilities of free and paying users:

  1. I don’t subscribe to Wincher or Yoast: monitor up to 5 keywords for every article and one keyword.
  2. Although I subscribe for Yoast SEO, I do not pay for Wincher: Monitor up to 5 keywords per posting and up to 5 keywords per keyword.
  3. I subscribe for Wincher but not for Yoast, which allows me to monitor up to 10,000 terms and one keyword per post.
  4. I subscribe to Wincher and Yoast, which allows me to track up to 10,000 terms and 5 every post.

You may monitor the ranking placements of five pages or articles at once without investing any money.


Yoast SEO premium subscribers get little more than the opportunity to monitor more keywords in every post.

You can get the most from this integration if you pay for Wincher. Wincher also offers a free version of their beginning subscription, which allows us to identify up to 500 keywords in aggregate.

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