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As an SEO, I have to wade through enough BS every day to keep me from going insane.

But this one takes the cake, hands down.

“Build natural backlinks”
It’s an SEO catchphrase on par with “if you swallow gum, it will stay in your stomach for seven years.”

I mean.. Have you ever watched those beginner videos about SEO? 

The ones that will make you an “Expert SEO” in two hours?

Or have you ever gone on to read one of those blogs that try to pass as the “ultimate” “super advance guide”

The everything-you-need-to-know SEO type?

If you haven’t, you should.

Search for ‘SEO guide’ on Google.

Open the first link.

I haven’t done this yet. I promise.

But I bet you a thousand bucks somewhere on that page.

You will find the advice more bogus than a three-dollar bill!

The ‘Build Natural Backlinks’ one.

But as someone who has been in the SEO trenches for years.

I can spot bulls**t from a mile away. 

And I know that this advice is only good in theory.

Why am I against it: 

Here’s my case:

You see..

 ‘Build natural backlinks’ was actually a pretty sound idea in the early days of SEO.

The simpler times were when you had not had much competition.

When it was easy to rank for even transactional intent keywords.

Sure back in the day, you could have gone on to build natural backlinks and got ranked highest in the SERPs.

But it’s 2023, and the game’s evolved. 

The competition is fiercer than ever.

Every keyword is being monitored with tools that will cost you an arm with their monthly subscription.

Big players in the game have an army of SEOs at their disposal.

Google CPC rates are getting so high we will soon pay in bitcoins. 


Do you really think building natural backlinks in such a hyper-frenzy competitive channel would work?

Do you really think those big corporations with gazillion backlinks are building only natural backlinks?

NO. A big fat NO.

It’s a wild west out there. 

And if you have been learning SEO from your ‘good guy’ mentor.

Now is the time to wake up.

So what do you do?

You mix it up!

You need expert backlink engineers to give you that extra push to build at the pace of your competitors.

But don’t take my rants and go on to build the most unnatural cheap backlinks from Fiverr.

You need to be smart about this.

But here’s the problem: 

It’s very.. very…  and very hard to find a good source of backlinks providers that really won’t harm your SEO.

The internet is chock full of cheap backlink providers who will promise you the moon.

But as soon as you buy one of those.

You‘ll get slapped with a penalty faster than Google rolling out new algorithms.

And the backlinks packages half-worth it are going crazy expensive and will burn a hole in your pocket.

And yes.

We’ve been receiving loads of requests and emails recently.

Our inbox is full of long rants by folks sick of google updates and the rank drops that come with it. 

People who are afraid of buying packages from shady providers but don’t have the big bucks to buy one of the premium ones.

And we know at SamBlogs.

There’s a time to make money and a time to take care of your customers.

So, if you are one of those guys having a tough time with Google.

You have struck gold!

We are in this together.

And we want to convey that by offering a token of goodwill. 

If you’re feeling the pressure from Google’s changes, now’s your chance to score big!

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