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When it comes to doing SEO for small businesses, it’s like a whole different ball game.

We think that one of the biggest and most common SEO mistake out there is when SEO folks try to copy the strategies of those big national brands for the local guys.

I’ve been in the game for a while, working with plumbers, roofers, mold remediators, and HVAC businesses.

So what do these small business owners that we have worked with really care about?’

It’s not their website’s Domain Authority, website traffic, or how pretty their website looks.

Nope, it’s not even those fancy content clusters that you might write.

All those things like DA and website design they’re just vanity metrics for the small business owners we have worked with.

The one and only thing that gets their hearts racing is called 
L E A D S 

Nothing makes them happier than the phones ringing and trucks rolling out to do some work.

But here’s the problem: Many SEOs approach local SEO all wrong.

They think that having a fancy website, branded content, or getting those high-end HARO backlinks from Yahoo will do the trick.

But in our opinion small businesses don’t work that way.

So, what’s the secret sauce when it comes to doing SEO for local businesses?

Well, now that we’ve established that leads are the lifeblood of small businesses, let’s talk about where most of those calls come from in the local searches?

You got it. It’s the Google My Business (GMB) profile, or what they call Google Business Profile (GBP) now.

A well-optimized and highly-ranked Google Business profile can be a lead-generating machine, producing hundreds of calls and text leads.

Our top 3 strategies that can help you get your GMB to the top of the ranks in no time:

1. Geo tagging Photos: Don’t just upload images to your GMB. Make sure to optimize them by adding geo tags. This tells Google that your business operates in that area.

2. SEO Optimized Service-Relevant Landing Page: Instead of just slapping your website’s homepage link into your GMB, create a landing page that’s optimized with the same local keywords. This can really make a big difference in your local presence.

3. Citations: Don’t forget about citations. They can also play a vital role in boosting your local SEO game.

So, there you have it.

When it comes to local SEO for small businesses, it’s all about the leads, and these strategies can help you get that real visibility every business owner loves.

And talking about great visibility, here’s something besides GMB that has the potential to skyrocket your online presence.

Working with link-building services is frustrating, I get it.

You pay $$$ to get result-driving backlinks, not just to get a mere mention of your business on some website.

That’s why backlinks, like all other marketing strategies, must have an ROI.

Great backlinks do not just help your SEO don’t only straighten out your SEO but also bring benefits across the board.

Meet Your Flying Dragon…of backlinks.

It is considered top-shelf stuff when it comes to backlinks by SEO experts.

Flying Dragon is an SEO engineering marvel designed to do just one thing…

Give you a helping hand to skyrocket your traffic, visitors, and leads..

It’s more than just a back link package; here’s what it includes:
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● 20 Web 2.0 submissions
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