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There are several types of small business owners looking for SEO…

There are the companies who are already big on their organic game.

They’ve got SEO figured out.

They’ve got their content figured out.

And they have leads figured out, generating enough of them through SEO to hit their monthly revenue mark.

They don’t need all that much basic SEO help.

But they’re hungry for more.

Who wouldn’t, right?

These businesses could definitely benefit from the some of most advanced SEO to level up and go beyond the ordinary.

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Then there are the smaller companies who generally have a bit of success with SEO, but the strategies they apply have their limitations

Like Google business profile…

GBP is great.

Super successful for local businesses.

But not enough volume to scale.

And frankly, not enough regularity for comfort.

So they opt for local leads from sources Angie’s List, Home Advisor etc..

And you know what..

They’re the WORST.

At least that’s what small business owners tell me every day on the phone.

Those companies are going to sell multiple people the same exact leads!

This is their business model:

Sell complete junk and make returning the leads for a refund so annoying that some businesses won’t do it.

Not cool.

At all.

Ring a bell? Our Platinum Plus Package might be your lifesaver.

Then there’s a third type of business owner:

The one-man-show.

He knows he can do this and has the courage to go off on his own.

Or maybe he’s been on his own for a while.

And he just needs a reliable SEO Partner.

He’s the one who writes and plans the SEO content, goes on to build backlinks, and manages the entire ship himself.

But he wants more.

He wants to scale his rankings a bit.

Hire a link builder.

A content manager.

They’re itching to scale up but don’t know where to start

His website is either really bad, or non-existent.

And GMB? He’s tried updating posts and no leads came in.

Sound familiar? Check out our Platinum Monthly package for a helping hand.

If ANY of these descriptions remind you of…you…we’ve got some cool options in store for you

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