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Have I ever told you guys why I started SEO?

Did I love a career where I pull my hair out every time there’s an update in the algorithm?

Nope…in fact I hated SEO, and I was always an ads guy.

Did SEO come easy to me?

No.. I’d rather study Electromagnetic Theory than unwind the daily SEO some of the most complex thing known to man:

The Google Algorithm.

Is it the money?I promise…fishermen in the Sahara desert might be raking in more money considering the effort we put into this SEO stuff.
Then what exactly turned me?

Why do I run an entire agency that provides multiple SEO services?

I wanted to help businesses leverage the power of the internet to grow and succeed, regardless of what niche they belong to.

What truly propels me is a deep-seated passion to empower businesses to thrive in the digital realm.

I aim to challenge the misconception that sheer volume of backlinks is the sole determinant of a site’s ranking.

Quality and relevance should take precedence, showcasing that a site with fewer, strategic backlinks can surpass one with a mass of indiscriminate links.This right here is the reason I started to provide SEO services.

This is the reason why I strived to be one of the best SEO in the world.

The SEO world is mostly filled with nothing but sheer mediocrity

Most of the fake SEO’s are playing with people’s hard-earned money…

That’s how bad things can be.Fake SEO’s are ripping people off…
That’s why I do what I do.
That’s why I strive to make every service that I provide a class apart.

And that’s why Samblogs is not just an SEO service-providing company..

But it’s my redemption against a marketing channel filled with mediocrity.

If you’re somebody ripped off and exploited by SEOs who promise you the moon but deliver nothing.

Here’s a small gift for you by SamBlogs.
55% Off on Premium Backlinks Package:

If you’re tired of subpar backlinks with zero effect on your SEO…

If your dormant website live on page 18 of search results.

Try the Box Shot backlinks and see your website come to life in matter of days.


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