Netpeak Spider Audit Tool Review: 2022

Netpeak Spider Audit Tool Review: 2022
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What Is Netpeak Spider?

Netpeak Spider is a web crawler. In the event that you’re new to the idea of a web crawler, it satisfies its name. The program traverses all around your site by following connections on your pages. On each page, the software verifies whether there are SEO issues. Assuming it finds any, the device will add them to the report that it shows you in the end.

Netpeak Spider is undeniable programming that takes care of the necessities of website admins, SEO examiners, and advanced showcasing experts who need to perform webpage scratching and web information extraction. This SEO crawler will assist you with recognizing broken interfaces and copied content inside your site.

netpeak spider
Netpeak Spider

Netpeak Spider will be particularly helpful for outreach groups since it considers bringing information from Google Analytics or Search Console. Additionally, you can utilize web scratching to get the data from the site page, including hreflang labels, markups, messages or telephone numbers from sites, and so on.

Utilizing the Website Auditor Dashboard, you can make site review reports and save them as PDFs. Supplementing your reports with contact subtleties, brand logos, and suggestions for a group and clients is feasible.

How Does It Work?

Netpeak Spider searches for duplicate pages and content. That can assist you with staying away from web index punishments since copy content is a major no. The tool will likewise assess the response times of your different site pages.

Netpeak Spider also assesses URL “depth.” That estimates the number of snaps it takes to get to a particular page. The lesser the clicks are, the better your rank will be.

The tool will tell you about any significant missing components according to an SEO point of view, for example, missing title labels and meta descriptions.

Furthermore, Netpeak Spider will make you aware of the presence of broken redirects. You’ll be aware if you’ve accidentally forwarded any URLs to non-existing pages. There’s nothing more irritating than a URL that leads nowhere.

Netpeak Spider also gives you data about internal linking. Each page will show you the number of internal links from different pages it crawled.

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Features Of Netpeak Spider

  • Optimized RAM Consumption and Crawling Speed

Asset utilization is the central concern of desktop crawlers, and crawling huge sites typically requires lots of RAM. Be that as it may, this isn’t true with Netpeak Spider, which has the most minimal RAM utilization.

Crawling speed is another significant strength. However, it relies upon site server reaction time and various diverting pages. Search robots will confront similar hardships crawling your site if you have such issues.

What SEO Audits You Can Do in Netpeak Spider – Netpeak Software Blog

You can choose the specific parameters you want instead of looking at every one of them. To get just status codes or check meta labels, untick all other parameters in a sidebar to speed up and lessen asset utilization.

  • User-Friendly Interface

The best feature of Netpeak Spider is that the team mainly focuses on client experience while developing the software. It has lots of details that experienced clients may not see but are critical for beginners.

All issues are arranged by their seriousness into three groups: errors, warnings, and notices. Moreover, each issue is detailed, including a danger it presents, how to fix it, and useful links for additional reading.

These little highlights will assist you with getting familiar with everything much quicker and utilizing the device in the most productive manner.


Netpeak Spider is considered one of the cheapest SEO audit report tools. Netpeak software includes many different softwares, but they are all available for purchase separately. The audit tool, i.e., Netpeak Spider, is available at monthly and yearly pricing plans.

  1. Lite– This plan costs $20.80/month for basic site auditing. The multi-domain crawling feature is not included in this plan.
  2. Pro – This plan costs $31.20/month. You would also be able to use the multi-domain crawling feature with this plan.
  3. Business – The business plan starts at $55.20/month and allows you to use the site audit tool to its maximum potential.

Advantages Of Netpeak Spider

  • Netpeak Spider provides you with detailed reports.
  • Coordinates with other analytic tools like Google Search Console and Google Analytics.
  • Easy to understand interface.
  • Netpeak assists you with spotting more than 100 issues for site advancement.
  • Netpeak software is sufficiently able to audit your site in no time. It also assists with scraping information from websites.
  • It performs a custom source code search using 4 different types of searches.
  • Netpeak Spider reflects issues with redirects.
  • Among other SEO site review tools, Netpeak Software can recognize and caution you about the 80+ technical SEO issues.
  • This tool allows you to crawl through multiple domains.

Disadvantages Of The Tool

  • The tool needs installation for use.
  • Only the desktop version is available for windows.


To summarize, I would like to recap what makes Netpeak Spider Tool a remarkable crawler:

  • Focusses on fixing SEO issues – A committed report is given out with severity groups of all site issues in a couple of snaps to make a seamless work process with your engineers and content directors.
  • Advanced outcomes tables – Netpeak has the most remarkable tables available with unique elements such as arranging, gathering, custom filters, and tweaking them according to your preferences.
  • Coordination with Google Analytics and Search Console – The tool helps you gain new experiences in the wake of advanced crawling results with analytics data and search queries.
  • Data segmentation – A One-of-a-kind element to provide another perspective to your site.
  • SEO Audit + white label – Brand your reports and add contact details to rapidly lead express reviews and sign new agreements for SEO services
  • Comprehensive customizations – The tool lets you add filters and customizations. Making boundaries and settings that work best for you get extreme benefits.
  • Optimized utilization of computer resources – This tool utilizes the least RAM while the internal information base permits you to work with a large no. of URLs

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