SEObility SEO Checker Tool Review

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The best SEO tool for small businesses, bloggers, and website owners. You don’t need to look for another tool if you have seobility.

It is the only tool you will ever need if you own a website, are a blogger, or have an online business.


Seobility also changes daily, so it keeps you updated with the evolution of the internet.

Today the most advanced free SEO Checker tool on the market has just undergone a facelift.

The new version of seobility will be even more responsive and user-friendly, with a fresh and clean contemporary design aimed at taking the power of SEO to every website owner’s fingertips.

seobility seo checker
Seobility Seo checker

It will include several essential changes that will make managing and optimizing your websites more accessible.

The first thing you’ll notice when you run a new scan is that the process is now faster and more efficient. If you were using our previous version, you would see that it takes shorter for the scan to complete and provides you with a more detailed report which is an improvement.

Additionally, we have upgraded our indexer with a Free Index to ensure faster processing speed.

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They are only endless features of SEObility you will encounter while starting to use this dynamo of a tool!

So let’s get you prepped before entering the SEO world dominated by this fantastic tool.

seo software
Seo software

It is comprehensive for every user to understand these features, so brace yourselves.

  1. Keep An Eye On Your Keyword Ranking With SEObility.

Let’s see the most accessible feature of an SEO tool. SEObility helps you analyze your keyword rankings on your Website and how your website ranking is going up and down.

You can have the ranking keyword in a click on your system along with an on-page analysis.

It helps you perform Local Seo research. It also is compatible with the Google search engines across- the UK, US RU, IT, ES, NL, BE, etc.

  1. Backlink Analysis

It has all the critical figures on the dashboard when performing a backlink analysis. It shows your Website’s flaws and helps you accelerate by offering solutions.

Along with your Website, you can run a competitor’s backlink analysis in a click, as many as you want. 


We might not know what this means, but in a nutshell, it lets you perform a free search on keywords in different areas, countrywise.

There are many you can put this into use- By performing simple keyword research and analysis of your competitor keywords.

The favorite would unquestionably be optimizing new texts and researching content to determine if your content is being an asset or doing down as a liability. 


Like any other SEO tool, you can perform a website audit. But wait, what’s the catch here?

Keyword cannibalism. The new funky word is correct, but wait, and we will go on and on about it in detail in any other content piece. 

Let’s leave you with a curiosity patch and move on to Website Audit.

With over 300 factors of website check, you can perform an intensive analysis and discuss with your team points to work on.

To make things easier, run an analysis of each page, and you can see even the tiniest f all problems on your web page across your Website.

And fret not. It works from small businesses to large companies, and it is customizable for all of us.


SEObility has pricing plans for every kind of user.

There are monthly and annual plans. Let’s talk about the monthly plans first.

SEObility has a free plan for beginners. 

If you are a beginner and don’t have extensive SEO goals to meet, this plan could be a fit for you.

The free plan offers-

  1. 1000 pages crawled by SEObility
  2. 100 external links checked. Only you need to wait a day for a new check.
  3. With 10 included keywords and 3 competitor checks
  4. It also offers you monitoring reports via emails
  5. Along with all the features listed above, it also lets you perform general website structure and content checks.

So without much thinking, you can go ahead with their free plan.

The paid plans include – PREMIUM and AGENCY plans.


The premium plan has a 30-day free trial and charges you $50/ month afterward.

This plan offers you 3 projects, each of 25,000 crawled pages and external link checks.

It has all the features for keyword rank monitoring, backlink analysis, and monitoring, along with all general website structure and content checks added to the report features.

The crawler features are activated immediately after each check.


The agency features have all the above features listed. 

The important addition is 

the number of projects- which is 15,

crawled pages- 1,00,000

external link monitored- 50,000

The agency plan will cost you $200/ month.

You can always check with them for a customized plan if you have a particular need for your company, business, or agency.

Pros And Cons

According to every other user who is a raving fan of SEObility, there is only one CON that doesn’t go unnoticed. 

SEObility is a little tough to use, especially for beginners.

Haven’t you heard it somewhere? This is the same as WordPress. SEObility is a highly customizable tool for SEO experts, business owners, and bloggers, but it is tough to use. The terminology might mess up your brain, so it’s better to have basic SEO knowledge.

All of us that it’s not said enough in this article how fantastic a tool SEObility is.

So many pros we counted in terms of features and overviews above.

The best so far is it ranges from the use of a beginner to an expert. If you wish to make a career in SEO, the only tool you will ever need is SEObility.

You will be good to go if you train yourself to use this fantastic tool surpassing any of its competitors like MOZ or SEMrush.


Concluding with an energetic HELL YES! For SEObility. 

It has all you need, and the free version is excellent for beginners. 

Get to know even the tiniest flaws in your Website with SEObility.


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