Why Backlinks Are Still Important For SEO

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What is a Backlink?

Is it related to SEO? Is there something like a good backlink? What should you do to create a good backlink?

If you are researching on SEO, you might have heard about backlinks. Both these concepts are related. Backlinks play an important role to increase traffic to your site and to make your site come on top search engines, especially Google.

Backlinks are not easy to achieve. But if you have good backlinks from other websites, you will be able to win Google trust and that will boost your ranking. In this article, we will discuss both backlinks and SEO.

What is a Backlink?

Backlinks are the links that direct one domain to other. A website that provides the link is known as an outbound link and the website that receives the link is called inbound link. A backlink is a link that connects one website to another and directs the visitors to that website.

Backlinks are considered important for SEO. It acts as a medium of trust. If a website has more backlinks, it will get high ranking in Google SERP.

Are Backlinks Still Important For SEO?

Yes, backlinks are important for SEO. According to the study reports, strongest backlinks give high raking and top positions in Google. But you will need good backlinks to maximize the benefits.

Before discussing good and bad backlinks, we will first discuss what is SEO and why it is important for the success of any website or business.

What is SEO?

The objective of SEO is to make a website to come on top search engines. It will offer the greatest possible exposure for different search engines, especially for Google. You will have to take care of a lot of things to make your website SEO friendly.

You need to ensure that search engines are able to access your website pages easily. You will have to take care of design, title, content, keyword, and URL to achieve the end result. You need to optimize your content both for end users and search engine.

You will have to take care of each page. You need to ensure that these are able to offer a right signal to search engines. Page structure, page titles, meta-descriptions, and headings need to be SEO friendly.

If all these things will go well for a consistent period of time, then you can expect some positive result. Some of your pages will come on the first page of Google.

This is a good start. But this is not enough to offer you desired traffic. Even if your site comes on the first page of Google, it might not get the attention of your potential buyers. Majority of Google users only click on one of five top results. If you want to be one of those top five, then you will have to use backlinks.

Backlinks And SEO:

During the ranking process, the search engines consider backlinks as one important factor to analyze the popularity of a website. If your website has plenty of backlinks, it will have a higher ranking than those websites with fewer backlinks.

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For example, there are twenty-five blogs on the same subject. All of them use powerful and simple contents and offer a user-friendly experience. In that condition, which website will come on the first page when a visitor types a query? All of the websites will have similar contents. Here backlinks will have a significant role.

If your website will have more backlinks than others, then it will come on the top search engines and on the first page. It will boost traffic to your site. Backlinks can make a website more popular and stronger.

Is there a good backlink and bad backlink?

Yes, there are two types of backlinks: Good backlinks and bad backlinks. The difference between the two types is the followings.

A good backlink will have a positive influence on rankings. Some key characteristics of good backlinks are:

• Comes from a reputed, reliable, and similar websites.

• Comes from the websites with high domain authority and high ranking in Google.

A bad backlink does not help a website to boost its ranking in search engines. The key features of a bad backlink are:

• Paid and exchanged links.

• Links from low-quality website.

• Website with low domain authority and Google trust.

• Website with poor and duplicate content.

• Websites that try to manipulate search engine ranking.

If a website has many bad backlinks, then you will have to remove them to secure your place on Google and other top search engines.

How to do Link Building:

If you want to boost your ranking, you will need good backlinks. Therefore, the webmasters were looking for some effective ways to get quality links points. This process is called as link building. They have introduced follow and no-follow links.

The defaults links are known as follow links. That means when search engines will find any link pointing to other domains, they will count it as a trust vote but that will create problems for comments, ads, and other types of link. This problem can be resolved with nofollow links that will instruct the search engines not to follow some specific links such as ads.

Ways to Create Back Links:

There are many ways to create backlinks. A few of them will be discussed below.

Natural Link Building:

This is the easiest and most effective way to create quality backlinks. As the name itself suggests, it has nothing to do with other websites. It will be natural.

If webmasters like your contents and websites, they will naturally create links pointing to the pages. But you will have to focus on quality and powerful contents to get such links. You will have to promote your website on social networking sites to get the end result.

Influence Outreach:

It is all about email marketing. The process might be time-consuming. But you can expect the desired benefits.

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Guest posts:

Guest posts are considered very effective for SEO. You can also use guest posts to get backlinks. You can write guest posts for websites. While doing so, you will have to ensure that you are including a link pointing to your website. More importantly, you will have to choose reputed and reliable websites. Otherwise, it will not help much.


Backlinks are important for SEO. These are very important to boost internet traffic and to get high ranking. But you will have to choose the right medium and good backlinks to get the desired profits.

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