10 Online Review Stats Every Marketer Should Know

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If you are doing online business, customer reviews are the most critical part you cannot avoid. We all know that whichever company we owe, online reputation is everything to us.

Whenever someone searches for any service online, he will look for your reviews and then opt for you. So, you need to know several online review stats, and this article will include these stats.

Online Reviews Stats

Let’s explore these review stats that every marketer should know, which will help you grow.

10 Online Review Stats That Every Marketer Should Consider

Every marketer needs to consider a few online review stats while working online. The stats are:

More Reviews Leads To Better Reputation

Better Reputation

If your service or site has more reviews, the customers will consider you a better option than others. Depending on your reviews, they will decide whether to choose you.

Reviews Influence Customers

Reviews indeed influence the customers. If the company has more negative reviews, customers will show interest in knowing about the weakness of the company. But if they have too many positive reviews, it will lead to customers a pinch of salt. A nearperfect rating is acceptable to the customers.

Reviews Shared On Social Platforms Increases Social Commerce

Increase Social Commerce

Most people consider a company good or bad by reading its reviews on social media platforms, especially on Twitter. According to a survey, almost 75% of people read reviews on Twitter. Social platforms not only do the work of marketing but also increase a company’s sales.

Reviews Also Play An Important Role For The Job Seekers

When any job seeker applies for a job in the company, he first researches that company and read its reviews. And depending on that, they decide whether they should apply for that job. Companies that want to attract fresh talents should be careful about their employer brand.

Minimum Rating That The Customers Accepts 

Customer Review

It has been suggested that out of 5, 3.3 stars is the minimum rating a customer accepts. If your company has a rating below that, the customers will not consider you a better option for themselves.

Customers Are Increasingly Distrustful of Facebook ReviewsFacebook reviews

On one side, where the customers trust online reviews for making any decision, they are also aware of fake reviews. Most consumers do not consider Facebook reviews trustworthy and consider them fake reviews.

Most Customers Consider Online Reviews As A Personal Advice

According to a report, some people trust online reviews like personal advice. Especially people of the age group 20-40 years trust online reviews and consider that company or organization excellent or bad.

Customers Mostly Use The Rating Filter

Happy Customer

Around 8 of 10 customers use the rating filter while engaging with a particular company. Among all the filters, the rating filter is the most popular one. Whatever they want to search, they sort it using this filter without wasting time.

Customers Expect You to Respond To Their Reviews in A Sort Time

Whenever a customer posts a negative response against you, he expects a reply to his response within a maximum of 7 days. And some customers also expect their response before 7 days.

Response To a Review Can Change the Customer’s Perspective

Online Review

It is factual that when a company sees a negative response for them, they will never feel glad. But if you respond to that review politely, the customer will feel that you care for them and can change their negative perspective into a positive one.


The above-given statistics show that online reviews play a vital role in today’s world. Instead of worrying about them, you should consider them a positive way to interact with your customers.

If you are yet to initiate your measures to handle your online reputation, it is best to start by keeping the following review strategies in mind.

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