Rank Math SEO Review – 2022

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Bloggers and website developers using WordPress in their Search engine optimization (SEO) may use the Yoast SEO plugin or Rank Math SEO Review. These are the most popular WordPress SEO plugins and are widely used by most of the WordPress community.

The Rank Math SEO Plugin was launched in 2019 as a powerful alternative. It’s the new king of the hill and the most incredible WordPress SEO plugin, in our opinion.

A lot of people don’t know about this newcomer and how useful it is. If you’re curious about Rank Math, this post compares it to Yoast SEO and provides an in-depth assessment.

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What exactly is Rank Math SEO?

Websites can use the Rank Math SEO plugin to improve their search engine rankings. Regarding ranking for a specific term, Rank Math is a great tool to help you figure out what’s wrong with your page’s content. On-page SEO is the primary focus of Rank Math. Surfer Seo & Frase has you covered, while Rankmath is not. When you begin generating material for your website or blog, you are given a choice to include your target keyword.

This tool can help you target keywords more effectively and even improve the quality of your onsite SEO when utilized as a part of an overall content strategy. Your content will be reviewed after the keywords have been added, and Rank Math will show you what is working and what needs to be improved.

Rank Math can then be used to add schema markup to your pages and posts after you’ve completed the process. A higher inclusion in Google-rich snippets increases your chances of getting clicked on more frequently.

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Who Can Benefit from Rank Math?

To build your audience and connect with people on Google, you must pay attention to SEO on your WordPress site.

Every WordPress user can profit from an SEO plugin like the Rank Math one. It isn’t necessary to use Rank Math, but if you are serious about increasing your site, you should use an SEO solution.

With the WordPress.com Pro plans, you already have access to SEO-boosting features. SEO titles and meta descriptions can be provided, as well as XML sitemaps.

Rank Math, however, goes a step further regarding its features. If you’re new to SEO and don’t know where to start, this tool can assist you in going deeper into your content than just the nitty-gritty of implementation.

Rank Math Industry

Here sharing some of the helpful elements of Rank Math:

The following are some of the most helpful things you’ll gain from using Rank Mathematics:

  • Snippets such as meta titles, meta descriptions, and more can be changed and edited.
  • Up to five specific keywords can be entered.
  • Entering terms into the targeted keyword field provides you with long-tail keywords that you may use in your content.
  • Search engine optimization for your website begins with an audit of the page’s title, meta description, and URL to see if the targeted keywords are there.
  • The length of the blog post, the URL, and the Meta description are all monitored by the Rank Math SEO plugin. It ensures that they meet the criteria used by search engines to determine their ranking.
  • For example, a lack of internal and external links may indicate a lack of content.
  • The keyword density is checked for the targeted keyword.
  • It assesses the readability of the title and makes suggestions for changes that would enhance it.
  • It also examines the readability of the content.
  • Google recommends a Table of Contents, so you should include one in your post.

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Yoast SEO against Rank Math: Which is better?

Overall, Yoast SEO — the finest WordPress SEO plugin – needs to take Rank Math seriously as a competition.

The free edition of the Yoast SEO plugin comes with a few useful features, but if you want more, you’ll have to upgrade to the premium version.

Rank Math, on the other hand, offers the same features and more for free. Even Yoast’s premium edition doesn’t have all of the capabilities of Rank Math.

Rank Math is less expensive than Yoast for the following three reasons:

Ranking Math’s top-level plans cost less than Yoast.

Rank Math’s premium subscription allows you to run unlimited websites as of this writing.

Yoast offers numerous premium plans, whereas Rank Math just offers a single one that includes all of the features. Because of this, if you wish to use the same features, you’ll have to make separate purchases and pay extra money.


  • Auto Configuration – Rank Math SEO can be set up to work seamlessly with your website with just a few settings. As a result of its various capabilities and low server load, Rank Math SEO is one of the quickest SEO plugins for WordPress on the market.
  • Google’s Automatic Keyword Suggestions— Rank Math SEO’s emphasis keyword field displays Google’s keyword recommendations as you begin typing letters.
  • SEO Analyzer – Rank Math SEO’s built-in SEO analysis will give you SEO advice you’d ordinarily have to pay hundreds of dollars for.
  • In-depth integration with the Elementor Page Builder for Elementor SEO. Optimizing your page for search engines means you no longer have to switch between tabs. It is possible to customize all aspects of SEO for Elementor directly in the visual editor.
  • Divi SEO Use the page editor to perform all your SEO tasks instead of switching back to the usual editor. For real-time SEO optimization, this is an excellent tool.
  • Content analysis for major page builders and themes such as Oxygen Builder, WPBakery, Avada, Astra, Kadence, and Themify is fully compatible with Rank Math SEO plugin’s content analysis for Page Builder SEO.
  • Use A Filter To Achieve Optimisation For An Unlimited Number Of Keywords. The Rank Math SEO plugin allows you to optimize your content for an unlimited number of keywords by default.
  • The free, easy-to-use solution provided by Rank Math SEO includes all the necessary capabilities for image optimization. There is no reason to use any other SEO solution that does not include these functions.
  • SEO for Google’s Web Stories — Boost the SEO of any story you create using Google’s Web Stories plugin. AMP-friendly Schema markup and Meta tags are inserted automatically.
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages must be optimized for search engines, such as Google. Rank Math SEO can leverage your usual SEO data to optimize AMPs depending on that information.
  • Rank Math SEO handles all major SEO factors for user-generated content in bbPress. bbPress topics now include the Q&A Schema and other key meta elements.
  • Rank Math SEO is used to optimize BuddyPress content, just like bbPress. You have all the tools you need to improve your ranking with user-generated content.
  • Make sure your posts and pages are optimized for search engines by using Quick Edit SEO Details. Rank Math SEO allows you to change several SEO fields at once. 
  • It’s simply a matter of a few clicks to update and downgrade your plugins. Try out the newest beta builds or stay up to date with automatic updates.
  • Support for Translation Plugins — Rank Math SEO is fully compatible with the most popular translation plugins, including WPML, TranslatePress, Weglot, and Polylang (which are not yet fully compatible).
  • It has an XML Sitemap functionality that works with custom post kinds and standard ones and allows for fine-grained control. Filters for Local Sitemap, WooCommerce Sitemap, and Locations KML files can be created.
  • Rank Math SEO can import all of your Yoast SEO and Yoast SEO Premium settings with a single click of the mouse. You don’t lose any search engine rankings due to the transfer.
  • With Rank Math SEO, you can import all your settings from AIO SEO & All in One SEO Pack Pro with just a few clicks of your mouse. You don’t lose any search engine rankings due to the transfer.
  • You can use Rank Math SEO’s Google Keyword Suggestions to find additional keywords to focus on when selecting target keywords.

The Good and the Bad of SEO Rank Math

RankMath Seo has a lot of features we appreciate.

Since Rank Math has so many options, we’ll focus on the ones that aren’t already included in Yoast or require an additional plugin. Some examples are as follows:

  • Rich snippets that go on for a long time AMP compatibility is a must (accelerated mobile pages)
  • Redirects for 404 errors (301, 302, 307, 410, etc.)
  • WooCommerce compatibility for the role manager
  • Fill in the blanks for the Alt text.
  • For content analysis, you can use up to five keywords.

RankMath’s flaws that we dislike.

This plugin is terrific; however, it isn’t flawless. If you’re not an SEO nerd, you might initially be intimidated by it. Here are a few things that perplex us:

  • The redirection settings can be a little complicated.
  • It’s unclear how to attach images. Issues similar to the Yoast bug could arise for you.
  • Custom fields and ACF aren’t fully supported by default (advanced custom fields). Theme developers need to adjust their themes to make them work with the plug-in. We have good news to share: we succeeded! More information is provided in the following section.


It’s safe to say that SEO is a long-term, ongoing endeavor. Use whatever tools you choose, but make sure your site is SEO friendly, and your material is high quality to gain more backlinks. As a result, your chances of success rise, and you receive more visitors, which you can turn into paying clients.

Download the complete SEO guide if you’re interested in learning more about how to boost your organic ranking. Every photographer should have a copy of this SEO handbook.

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