Ranking In 7 Days With Crap Links

expired landing pages kill your Google rankings
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In my last post, I wrote about a Parked Domain getting ranked at #1 for a popular PPD niche. To be honest, I am not against these sites or the people who do it , I just wonder that there are smart people on earth who keep Google on it’s toes and rank somehow.



Keep the momentum from last story, I came across another site ( actually a bunch of sites) which triggers you as something fishy. Here’s what I see at position #2.


Ranking at 2


Here are the whois data which confirms that its just a 7 Days Old Domain:


Who Is

The Big Question: How’s He doing it?

Whenever i see such weird ranking, I go to ahrefs and search for “Redirects”. I did the same for this site and here’s what I saw:


0 redirects


so He does not have an Old domain with lots of back links, He does not have redirects , What the hell is he doing?

I snatches my hair over it and went though some of the links made by him and here’s what I found ( Some of the screen shot of the big research I did for his site):


crap link


crap link-2



After further investing his links, I found he has a huge pool of site full of crap content and crap links. I found around 100 sites with good PR and back link profiles helping him rank for almost any term. He has around 3-5 sites for each niche and he starts link building even before the site content is ready and he manages to rank then as low as 7 days.

if you see his current site (geteasyinstagramfollowers) , you would be surprised to see that , there’s no way of making money though it as of now. No content locker , No Direct selling. I think, I have come to know his site ranking before him 🙂

It was 23rd Sep when I saw his ranking , I will update this post after 5-7 days and see if he looses the battle against Google or not?


Update [1st OCT]:

I searched for the same keyword and i dont find [That Site] in top 50 results.  I will update the post again to see if it comes back. For Now it seems Google have caught this one!


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