Ranking With ZERO Content

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Google unveils yet another update named Hummingbird ( I dont know why Google  run behind these innocent creatures?) on the eve of its 15th Birthday. Thousands of SEO Experts are still trying to gauge what would that mean for them, Meanwhile I come across this site which ranks #1 for quite a competitive term without giving a shit about what Google is doing. Black Hatters are here to stay , they are not going to lose steam over these updates.




Keyword: free instagram followers

Site at #1 : instafame.info


Landing page of the site:

black hat rocks


If you talk about the content, there’s hardly any content on the site.


Lets look at the back link of the site:


back links count


There’s nothing special about the back links. I can bet , there must be some some sites with more back links as compared to this one.

Then Why The hell its ranking so High?

I went down and searched for the Anchor Text Variation and found this:


anchor texts


as you can see, this guy concentrates only on EXACT ANCHOR TEXTs while building links and right now, it seems to be banking hard.

Lets see how far it goes? I will update the post after 6-8 Days. See you in comments!


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