Ranking a Youtube Video in 30 Days!

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Last month, Got a youtube ranking project from an old client. Normally I accept Youtube URLs for all of my services and we have given results in a lots of cases. This case we different though, the client just uploaded the youtube and contacted me for SEO.

Here’s what he gave us:

  • Youtube URL
  • 1 Like
  • 3 main keywords.

youtube SEO

Here’s what we did for him:

  1. Changed his title and included a long tail keyword containing one of his main keyword.
  2. Gave him a better description having all three of his main keywords.
  3. For the first week we shared his video though our social platforms.
  4. After the social shares, he had crossed 200 views and the video had 30 likes.
  5. I started off my Lady Gaga Plus Package on it at the start of Second Week.
  6.  At the end of the 2nd week (lady gaga was still going on), we bought some high retention view for him along with likes. so He had 700+ views and 70 likes at the end of 2 week.
  7.  Third week, we bookmarked the video on top social bookmarking sites. We ended the Lady Gaga job as well.
  8.  At the beginning of the 4th week, He started to rank in Google.com for 2 off his keywords at page 2 and one of his keyword at page 1.


I would update the post after one more month of SEO.

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