Ranking an Indonesian Site in 3 Months

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Its been 6 months, And I am seeing a big surge in Indonesian SEO market. I am getting 3-4 people asking
for Search Engine optimization of Indonesian Language sites on weekly basis. No doubt, The SEO market has grown up a lot in last one year in Indonesia.

The biggest Plus point with Indonesian people are, they are willing to learn and they are game for the long term.

Not to mention, we are dominating Search results for Google Indonesia. To my amazement, 60% of Indonesian clients are playing in Casino/Gambling niche.


Here is the strategy which we built for one of my top client who is dominating Google Indonesia for several keywords.

(A). Main site and Buffer Sites:

He had a two months old web site with no prior SEO.
We set up 6 buffer sites for him in Indonesian language. All of them being fresh domain bought from different domain registers.

(B). Link Building for Main site: (First Month)

We started off with Social Signals package for the main site on drip feed for one month. We used his main keyword as hashtags (#) in social media postings.

(C) Link Building for Buffer Sites ( First month)

We did not redirect any of the buffer site to the main site yet. We started of with different link building campaign for each of the buffer site, including Tiered Link Building, High PR blog posts and Effective EDU links.

We targeted different set of keywords for each buffer site.

(D)Link Building for Main site: (Second Month)

We started a tiered link building campaign on 30 days drip feed for the main site as second month SEO work.

We used 50% as naked URL and rest 50% as main keywords in the anchor texts.

(E) Link Building for Buffer Sites ( Second month):

We redirected 3 of the buffer site to the main site. We kept on doing tiered links and blog posts for the rest of the three buffer sites with different long tail keywords.

At the end of the second month, the started ranking for different long tail keywords which were used in First 3 buffer sites. Results were on!

(F)Link Building for Main site: (Third Month):

We started off High PR blog Posts ( Avg TF 20) for the third month. We kept generic anchor texts for 50% of the links and main keywords as anchor texts for rest of the posts. We did total 60 blog posts for him.

(G) Link Building for Buffer Sites ( Third month):

We redirected remained 3 buffer sites to the main site at the beginning of the 3rd month.


At the end of the third month, the site begin to rank for few high competitive keywords along with other long tail keywords.

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