The Idea Behind Lady Gaga Google Rider PLUS

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I have been very busy from last few months and I really did not get time to update the blog so often.
Meanwhile, We launched Lady Gaga PLUS Version on 25th March 2016.

Lady Gaga


The story goes back to Nov 2015, when one of my client asked me to use all Unique content in Born this way Package and paid extra for that content. We delivered the project time line and I never checked his rankings.

In Jan 2016, He came back to me and put an awesome review on my thread about the great SERP jumps. And he then contacted me for a bulk order on the same theme ( unique content for web 2.0 properties). We did it again.

Meanwhile I suggested some of my clients to have more unique content in the package keeping the rest of the things same.

And Result spoke, they spoke louder than my expectations.

Google’s love for Unique content was proved again and I thought of putting things together in the package format and came up with the Idea of Lady Gaga Google RIDER PLUS.

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