5 SEO Issues That Cause Search Rankings & Traffic To Drop

seo issues
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Online presence is extremely instrumental for your business site or brand identity. Time and again, you must think of methods and strategies to augment your traffic and a better rank on the Google ladder by improving all the SEO issues.

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5 Common SEO Issues 

There are multiple techniques out there, but a few mistakes in your SEO strategy can hamper the game. Below is a list of 5 common SEO issues which if overlooked, affect your traffic.

seo issues
SEO Issues

Absence Of A Well-Updated Website

Stagnant sites get pushed down on the Google Ranking. There are times when you do not post anything on your site for a very long duration. It is important to post something new, regulate some online promotions to keep it active. 

As a threshold effort, you can blog every day. This can maintain your rank and drive a large audience and enhance your presence. In addition, you can do a competitive analysis to analyze shortcomings from your side and work on those.

Absence Of Traffic-Driving Content And Mobile-Friendliness

 There are numerous tools and types of content that can increase its reach when added to your site. You can work on curating SEO optimized matter for the web.

mobile friendly
Mobile Friendly

Use appropriate keywords to rise on SEO ranking and remove SEO issues. Another aspect that steers great traffic is the accessibility of your website via mobile. 

 A large number of online users use mobile as the first device to check your site. Therefore, if your site is not mobile-friendly, you might lose out on some of the numbers. 

Linked Sites Not Receiving Traffic Or Went Down

Broken links are one of the biggest SEO mistakes that can be made. Its repercussions can affect adversely. Broken links create a bad user experience by disappointing online consumers and tarnish your brand image.

An essential step is to eliminate such links from your web content as quickly as possible. You may check for extensions that may help detect such links. The active links which are getting less traffic also constitute a problem. So, try to get rid of these to remove SEO issues

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Plagiarized Content

Plagiarism is a highly condemned practice. And, search engines have smart and efficient ways to detect duplicate content. A particular site content condoning more than a minimum plagiarism level drops very low in SEO rankings. 

avoid plagiarism
Avoid Plagiarism

Look out for tools to first detect and then post on your site. Search engines might misinterpret the landing page you have to be considered for SERPs. Unique content is most SEO-friendly and ranks a lot higher. 

Improper Navigation And URLs Bolster SEO Issues

There has to be a proper chronologically arranged display of data on your site. This helps users to have a smooth experience and search engines to understand your website better. 

On the other hand, messy URLs can mess with the credibility standards of search engines and lower your conversion rates. 

seo friendly content
SEO Friendly Content

SEO-friendly URLs to have keywords that make them comprehensive. The absence of such crisp data affects your SEO reach and rank.

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Boost your digital presence. Add and subtract on the matter posted and the methods devised to fetch viewers. And then you’re good to go to solving SEO issues.

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