SEO On Steroids – High-impact SEO Strategy For A Competitive Niche

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SEO is not just a marketing tool but a communication to your audience about your brand. No matter the product or service you sell if you convey the right story the customer will come your way.

When we say we have worked will all the niches, we mean it, and this time we have to rank a site that deals with steroids.

Now, the internet is a wide open space and there is a lot of information and false information about everything. Our main goal was to establish our client’s website as a safe and informational space regarding steroids and their usage.

After applying the strategic plan to our client’s website, the rankings began surging, new visitors were coming in with inquiries and we were ranking at the top of google

ChallengeSimply put, the website was present in search engines, and Google robots crawled it, but it did not rank for any keywords and it was not getting any visitors.

Not even for the name of the company. The aim was to remove Google Sandbox and move it to the top pages to gain significant traffic.

The steroid market is highly competitive. To be able to rank for high-intent B2C keywords like ‘UK Steroids’ or ‘steroids for sale UK,’ our client had to outrank industry veterans.

Solution As part of our service, we began regular conversations with the client and discovered that many of the actions on the website were not in accordance with search engine criteria. Our team removed some duplicate code from the site and optimized on-page factors to comply with search engine guidelines.

Our advice to them is to rewrite the URLs to make them SEO friendly, provide content on a routine basis, and vary the links they had helped the website get crawled and ranked for the relevant content.


We did the following:

– Analyzed and examined the present state and market.

– Created a model to demonstrate the potential amount of monthly visitors that may be obtained through SEO.

– Created a strategy for each page based on conversion rates by target and the competitiveness of each topic.

– Changed the architecture of the website to create a scalable content system, and did on-page optimization utilizing SEO best practices and methodologies.

– Created dozens of high-quality specialized backlinks on the pages we targeted.

– Created and executed many high-impact A/B tests using Google Optimize to boost the visit and conversion rate.


SEO strategies For The Steroid Business

Keyword Analysis

The initial stage in developing an SEO strategy should be to conduct extensive keyword research. You’re looking for search terms and phrases that potential users use while looking for information online, especially those who are actively researching the information you’re posting.

The purpose of query-focused research is to find the most relevant and valuable set of information to assist people with their specific concerns.


Customer Journey Mapping

Mastering customer journeys is one of the most effective SEO methods in the market. It can help you raise conversions and search success rates without spending much money on advertising. You may considerably improve traffic without spending a lot more money on SEO.

The customer journey is the process that a potential consumer takes to learn more about your products and services.

When you understand what your customers want to find, it’s simple to give those things in precisely the right place at exactly the right moment.


Use Keywords Throughout The Page 

Developing an efficient content marketing plan entails providing great information to potential visitors.

Nobody expects you to have a full product site for your brand if you don’t provide specific information about how it works or what diseases it may address.

By incorporating keywords in the page copy, you may inform search engines that this content will be useful and relevant to users.


Let Your Connections Be Of Use 

Let your connections aka Backlinks speak for you. Having a full-impact backlink strategy can help you stand out in the way and take your website’s rankings on steroids.

Results – After three months, the website skyrocketed to the third page for Steroids and a few other keywords.

Consistent concerted efforts on other SEO components such as link reputation development, meta tags, and a little amount of content optimization, as a result, the site was pushed to the first page for critical keywords thanks to social media optimization.

The website After 4 months, was rated on the first page for Uk steroids and the second page for steroids for sale UK.

Making certain that your website’s technical SEO parts are operational will allow your content to be crawled, seen, and ranked by search engines.

Furthermore, link-building will be a method that will benefit you in a competitive market. However, keep in mind that for link-building to be effective, you must first develop a strategy and focus on a few particular goals.

If you try to rank for ten or more extremely competitive terms, you will most likely fail. Choose the ones that count, the ones with high transactional intent—if conversions are your goal—and make a consistent effort in that direction.


These Are The Keywords We Ranked For-


Keyword – steroids UK

We ranked From #99 to #07 in 6 months.

Keyword – steroids for sale UK

We ranked From #38 to #04

Keywords – buy Anavar UK

Ranking – From #14 to #06


Keywords – steroids shop Europe

Ranking – From #72 to #06


Keywords – home of steroids

Ranking – From #11 to #01

Keywords – Uk steroids

Rankings – From #04 to #01

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Tell us about your business and its website. We’ll take a look and conduct an audit to identify any potential areas for improvement. Sometimes the slightest, most insignificant change can have a hugely positive impact on your business performance.

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