The 9 Most Important SEO KPIs You Should Be Tracking

seo kpis
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A performance indicator, sometimes known as a key performance indicator, is a metric used to assess performance. KPIs are meant to evaluate the success of a business or a specific activity in which it participates.

Tracking SEO key performance indicators (KPIs) may assist alert you to difficulties your website may be having. Also, it suggests techniques that are working that you can use across your site if you want to improve your SEO performance.

You could want to monitor SEO performance using the following list of some of the essential SEO KPIs. When you employ metrics to evaluate SEO success, you can improve your plan and get better results.

Organic Sessions

The most important KPI for measuring your SEO work is organic traffic. An organic session is a website visit resulting from a search engine query. It isn’t a click from a sponsored ad for your website. They put a term into a search box and click on your website.

organic sessions

Organic sessions are crucial to track since they demonstrate your website’s influence on search engines.

Rankings of Keywords

The importance of tracking keyword rankings is that they show you which keywords work well for your website and which ones don’t. There are a few keywords that are worth spending time and effort on. Your competitors have eclipsed rankings for keywords that you used to rank for.

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New Users

It’s also crucial to keep track of new users. You may look into what sources bring people to your site and how they engage with it once they arrive. New users will include in content SEO KPIs when employing content like a blog to drive visitors to your site.

seo kpis

Better SEO rankings should positively influence the number of new visitors that visit your site, much like organic visits.

Track Conversions 

SEO engagement metrics include conversions. They indicate a specific activity you want your website visitors to do while there.

Conversions are essential since each should have a monetary value assigned to it. This allows you to understand your SEO ROI better. And identify areas where you should invest more and where you may be losing money.

Exit Rate and Bounce Rate

Additional user experience indicators and engagement metrics for SEO include the bounce rate and exit rate. 

bounce and exit rate

When a person merely sees one page on your website and then departs without viewing further pages or actively interacting with your material, this is known as a “bounced” session.

When a user leaves your site after completing some interaction, such as browsing another page or submitting a form, this is an “exited” session.

A high bounce rate or departure rate may or may not be a disadvantage from an SEO standpoint, depending on your sort of business.

Page Speed Metrics

Another SEO KPI is website speed, which directly influences your rankings, user experience, and whether your site is mobile-friendly. Page speed is used by search engines like Google to determine results, as discussed in our Core Web Vital Vitals Readiness Report.

A sluggish website may hinder you from reaching the top of the search results. To see how your site performs, utilize the Google PageSpeed Insights tool.

Market Share SEO KPIs

What is the definition of market share? Market Share in Conductor is a sort of SEO competitor analysis that shows the percentage of search engine results pages that brands own for your recorded keyword searches.

ROI Metrics

Finally, ROI is an SEO indicator that enables you to see how well your monetary investment pays off SEO results. You should probably modify what you’re doing if you’re losing money on the people, agency, or SEO platform you’re utilizing for your SEO campaign.

roi metrics

To calculate ROI, look at how much you’re spending on SEO and how much income you’re bringing in due to your efforts. To evaluate SEO ROI, look at your conversion data.

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Average Session Duration

The average session length of a visit to your website is measured by session duration. The more detailed your content and site structure is, the longer this process will take.

average session duration

The length of a user’s session is a significant KPI since it reveals the quality of your site’s content and how motivated people are to remain, read, and click further into the site design.

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