Voice Search Optimization At Scale: A Guide For Enterprise Marketers

voice search optimization
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Every company should be focusing on voice search optimization efficiently. The issue for businesses in being efficient is because of the vast amount of information and intellectual property they handle.

This post is about specific approaches and improvements that can help with your voice strategies, such as schema markup, keyword research, website speed, Google Actions, and more.

Here’s how to get started with voice search optimization for businesses.

Create Guidelines for Voice Search and Content Creation.

People responsible for Marketing should meet with content creators or send recommendations detailing how essential voice search optimization is, how to incorporate these key terms, and how to ensure optimization.

voice search optimization

Businesses should already have a consistent search engine optimization check in place.

However, you’ll need to change your present governance and regulations for voice search. Ideally, you should include entire pages devoted only to voice.

Long-Tail Keywords Should be Incorporated Into Your Keyword Research.

Long-tail keyphrases have lower search volumes and are thus less important to businesses that focus on high-value, high-traffic key phrases. On the other hand, voice search is pure and lasts longer than one- or two-word phrases.

Optimize For Site Speed And Mobile Experience

Mobile phones and personal assistants are the most common sources of voice searches.

Every company should focus on cellular optimization by:

  • Designs that are responsive.
  • Websites that load quickly.

mobile voice search

Your team should run Google PageSpeed Insights on a regular basis to identify issues that are slowing down your website and improving load speed.

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To Increase Sales, Optimize For Local Search

Optimizations on a local and regional scale are crucial for firms that operate on a national level. Voice search is used by more than half of those looking for local businesses, and you should go over the company’s listings on Google and other sites.

The company’s working hours, brief blurbs, and photographs should all be included in listings. People will be able to contact your firm or see it in person if your listing is complete.

To Add Content Context, Use Master Schema Markup

Schema is critical for helping search engines understand the information on a company’s website. To help with voice search, review, and integrate schema markup suggestions.

Here are a few suggestions to help you comprehend schema:

schema markup

For text portions that are optimal for Google Assistant and voice search, start utilizing Google’s Speakable Schema (beta).

Analyze your data to see what keywords and phrases your clients are using. Look for speakable bits of new and old content material to add schema. Consider writing your information in a conversational tone to increase context.

Schema markup, when used correctly, may assist in the context of any website’s content and improve voice search capabilities.

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Use Google Actions

Google Actions is a significant benefit for anybody attempting to optimize for Android devices. You’ll want to employ structured knowledge if you’re creating actions for your online content. Whatever type of content you’re publishing, Google suggests utilizing a theme or plugin to add schema.

To fully optimize their content, teams need to grasp how to leverage Google Actions. Actions will make it easier for anybody using smartphones or Google Assistant to discover your content.

Voice search is increasingly becoming the popular choice for searching. While searches by typing will always exist, businesses and entrepreneurs should also keep an eye on voice search optimization. 

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