Why do Web Pages Disappear From Search Console Reports?

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Have you witnessed incidents where web pages disappear from search console reports? Did you focus on the reasons behind that? Recently, Google’s John Mueller answered all the main queries about why thousands of pages disappeared from Search console reports. 

john mueller
John Mueller – Google

If this concept feels new to you, it is important to learn the meaning and significance of the terms before landing on the conclusion. 

What is Search Console Report? 

Search Console Reports amalgamated with Analytics data through the landing page dimension compose an integration. Later, this integration allows you to see how pre-click data such as queries and impressions correspond with post-click data such as bounce rate and transactions. 

google search console
Google Search Console

The Search Console Reports and Google Web Search data incorporates one dimension, i.e., The Google Search queries that help create impressions of your website URLs in Google organic search results. 

However, The Search Console reports in Analytics employed four metrics to Google Web Search data. 

  • Impressions are one of the four significant metrics. Every time a user views an URL from your site that appears in search results, it doesn’t include paid Google Ads search impressions. 
  • The second significant metric is the click. This measures the total number of clicks on your website URLs from Google Search Result pages. However, clicks on paid Google Ads Search Results do not include here. 
  • Your website acquires an average position or rank for the establishment of query or queries. Hence, the middle position holds some importance. 
  • Click-Through Rate, also calculated as Clicks/Impressions*100, is the fourth important metric.  

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Why Web Pages Disappear?

An individual raised the question as he was confused regarding the reporting of the search console on a few pages. He was quite skeptical about the reports after he observed that only fewer websites were appearing. 

The question stated, 

“So we see a slow decline in mobile-friendly pages in the mobile usability report in Search Console. We’re also seeing …a decline in pages that are in the Core Web Vitals report, and also other enhancements like review snippets and all of this type of stuff.

Over the span of maybe a month or a month and a half, there are about a thousand pages. I would like to know, is this a crawling issue potentially? Where should I be looking here? They’re not coming up as errors or anything. They’re just simply dropping out of that report.”

John Mueller offered an explanatory sentence about how Search Console is generating the reports. Explaining why web pages disappear and how we can catch a sight of deterioration in the number of pages reported. 

web pages disappear

Mueller even advised that it’s more important to concentrate on the reporting rather than how many pages have been reported. According to Mueller, one must specifically focus on the relationship between the bad and the good pages reported there. 

He added that the figures portrayed through the Search Console Reports are just a mere sample and not a representation of a complete accounting of pages that are present there on the Internet. Therefore, one should invest their efforts in discovering the negativities and fixing them in reporting. 

Search Console Studies Are Just a Pattern, Not Actual Accounting 

The statements of Mueller have saved the publishers and the SEOs from some additional worries and nervousness. The numbers accumulated in the Search console studies are just a pattern and not an actual representation of accounting on the web pages present on the Internet. 

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